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Recommended Classical CD
hmmmm....Please, when dealing with classical music mention the orchestra and conductor! Musicians do.....Will 
Use "regular" amp to power 'phones?
I do the same with my sennheiser 580s. sounds great. as long as you don't want it super loud. 
Best speaker in nearfield listening
I compared virgos with sonus fabers. I really liked the sound of the sonus faber electa amators, but they seemed to really lack dynamic impact. They still sounded wonderful though- with an extremely coherent timbre throughout the range. The Virgos... 
Most annoying Stereo magazine claim
I like "competitive with other (amps, speakers, cables, hairdryers) that cost thousands more" 
How much are you worth ?
well,I'm worth about 30k per year.... have 6 in instruments and probably the same in audio.... still can barely make ends meet 
Washington Post Article
"Modest home in Mclean....."I just read in Worth Magazine that the median home price in mclean is 515,000. I did a gig up there at a church (ussually easy to find right?) but I couldn't find it because the mansions surrounding the church where all... 
Washington Post Article
people actually take the washington post seriously? I'm pretty far left and I still can't bring myself to read that poop! give me the NY times any day! 
Celibidache on DG or EMI?
Emi are the only ones endorsed by the family. The conductor himself did not believe in recording- so he never did. After DG began realesing the albums his widow and son decided to have them released on EMI- and set up charities for the profits. Th... 
Tax buying from Europe
I bought some speakers from Italy. There is no tax, but there is an import duty (charged by customs). Its ussually less than sales tax! I think its about 5%Will 
Help Design The DVD Player You Want
SACD progrssive scan, and digital outs for all formats. 
Best speakers to play Mahler and Bruckner
sorry to clog up this topic! The AP Virgos are about 4,500 new. But I got a new set on audiogon $3000 (even in the premium finish!) 
Best speakers to play Mahler and Bruckner
I really don't have a suggestion for a mahler three. I don't have it either! On another note- I'm not a big fan of barbirolli. I have his 5. Not a real big fan of the interpritation, but mostly the playing is a little sub standard. I'm refering to... 
Marantz SA-14 SACD Vs. Sony Models?
I'd also like to know- nobody is really comparing sacd's to each other yet! 
Maryland,Wash.DC Metro area
Hey! Lets get it going!I'm in alexandria. I know a few people from work who would be into it, and I know a few in the national symphony are way into it. 
Hardwood floors vs Carpet
Most orchestras play on hardwood floors......