Gary Moore RIP.

A musical legend who passed away today whilst on holiday in Spain.
I read that earlier, sad.
Loved his exchange with with BB. Yup, the thrill is gone.
Wow, what a shame. And so young, too (58). However, the picture on this website makes him look VERY rough. That's the face of someone who has done some VERY hard-living. We'll miss ya, Gary!!

A great guitarist for sure.
One of the greatest - awesome and a true inpiration for all guitarists. Very sad indeed.
Ireland has produced some great musicians/guitarists, and Gary is one of them.

Very sad news...he was so young, RIP.
He has to be one of, if not, the most talented rock guitarist ever. As far as his "rough looks"......he never was a pretty boy or has won any beauty contests. I only cared what comes out of his Les Paul. If he was a "looker" or flashy, then he would have been more appreciated here in the US. Sad, but true. Todays so called "greats" couldn't hold a candle to him. Not even close. The Satriani/cookie cutter clones are nothing but boring, speed scales over and over and had no feeling or perfect tone like Moore. RIP Gary :(
his live blues cd is one of my favorite of all time
One of my favorite all time Blues CD's is "Blues for Greenie". A great link between two great guitarists for obvious reasons.

RIP Gary. Thank you for your contribution to the legacy of the Blues.