Bruce Moore's Paragon 12 vs Juicy Music Blueberry

I wonder if the ol' Bruce Moore's preamp will hold its own against the Juicy Music pre..

or how would it compare to the Berning TF-10 that I currently use....

I am looking for a quality pre to use with Mc240, Allen organ and Ampex monoblocks..
i can tell you that I prefer the build in phono stage in the Model 12A in use with step up transformer to my still very very good ARC PH5 phono the line inputs are on the same level...very very very musical no noticeable roll off on the frequency ends as one would think of such an old vintage unit. new caps are required esscpecially in the power supply because of age.
Xronx...thanks for the feedback!
There are lots of guys at the Klipsch Forum that own the J.M. Preamps.
................Good Luck
I have owned both the Berning TF-10 and the Paragon Model-12. I still own the model 12. I found the model 12 to be far more musical than the Berning, C-J Premier Three, Precision Fidelity C-4 and a host of other preamps that I have owned. The sound is BIG, sweet, detailed, etc... If I were forced to sell five of the six preamps that I currently own, the Paragon would be the keeper. BTW... Bruce Moore designed the Model-10, which had too many bugs for continued production. Credit for the fact that the Model 12 IS reliable and sounds great should go to M.D. of Blueberry fame. With a little further fine tuning (which I have done on mine) the model 12 is a pure joy to own. Oh, and it is NOT difficult to work on. The Model 12A is a pain, due to its circuit board, wiring and chassis design.