Bruce Cockburn: Slice O Life

Have any of you heard Bruce's latest CD? I just received my copy today and haven't been able to stop playing it.

I've been following his work live in concert and on recordings for over 40 years and simply marvel at his playing and writing. He's traversed a lot of different themes over the years delving into such topics as religion, politics, ecology, heroes and anti-heroes but there's never a dull moment with the man.

This is a Live Solo recording (2 CDs) from performances in 2008 that really capture his incredible skill and versatility. If you are new to Bruce, he is a guitar master and poet with a wonderful command of descriptive word imagery.

There's an odd section on disc two called "soundcheck" that I really enjoyed because it's off stage and lets you hear the man with his hair down having some fun while setting up his equipment for the concert. Maybe by being an acoustic guitar player myself, I'm biased toward an opportunity to hear a master warming up before going onstage?

I'd love to know if any of you have heard this set yet and whether you were as impressed as I was. There are some incredibly beautiful songs and arrangements on this CD set that differ in interesting ways from his prior studio work.

Hmmm I might want to check this out..
Myself and another friend of mine have been following Bruce "the OTHER Bruce" for something like 25 years, but I have lost track of him since maybe the mid 90's so I don't know what he's been up to..
My favorite Cockburn albums are:
Sun Salt Time
In the Falling Dark
Joy Will Find a Way
... the other 80's albums are a mixed bag for me, usually each album has a real knockout longer track like "Hoopman" or "Dust and Diesel" or "Dancing in Paradice" which I really enjoy. I assume you know what I'm talking about.
I'm also a BC fan and recall his early 70's concerts when he played solo in a chair with the percussion instruments on stands next to him.

I recommend that BC fans also pick up "Waterwalker", the 1984 canoe documentary by Bill Mason. BC did the soundtrack for this film. There were rumours that the soundtrack was to be released on CD. Wonderful guitar work.

I will definetly check out the new CD.
Breakfast in New Orleans DInner in Timbuk Tu is probably my favorite. The haunting sound of his voice and guitar are avery cool. The guitar sound is big bold and electric. I love pretty much anything by Bruce but this one is his "dark side of the moon".

Canadian to eh!!!!
Thannks for the heads up. Didn't realize he had a new release out. Bruce is way under reckonised for his work.
Awesome guitar player and song writer. World of Wonders is
too hard not play continueously. But then so is Humans.
"Speechless" is also good, all instrumental. Have loved him for years and used to go see him play in Toronto, just a wonderful player who has a marvelous way with words!

Thanks for the heads up regarding the Waterwalker DVD. I'd never heard of it before which astounds me because I'm an avid Michigan canoeist (Mad River Explorer) and thought I knew most of Bruces work. I'm really looking forward to this DVD. I had to search a little to find it but you can pickup a copy online at

Thank you so very much for this info.


You will enjoy the DVD. Bill Mason was a wonderful man and was well respected in the paddling community. I was fortunate to have met Bill many moons ago while working in an outdoor shop where he was friends with the owner. The soundtrack is classic BC on acoustic guitar. For some reason, the soundtrack was signed over to the film company and never released.
i`ve seen Bruce twice and he was amazing. I agree his new cd is wonderful and good sounding.
Don't overlook "Dart To The Heart." It's one of my favorite BC albums, along with "Breakfast In New Orleans Dinner In Timbuktu." Great stuff there. I've also seen him live, and each show was a real treat.