R. I. P. Jack Bruce

Sad news today. Jack Bruce has passed away at age 71.

If not the best, one of the best bass players in history.

R.I.P. Jack...
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I hate the term "best" in any category of human endeavor, because it isn't a contest as far as I am concerned. That said, since my early teens I have loved his playing, and his contributions to the bands that he has been a part of as well as his solo work, and I believe he was an absolutely brilliant and original musician.
His voice and his music will always be a part of my life, and I am grateful to have seen him perform.
Listening to some Cream right now. R.I.P. Jack
Check out a disc titled BBM Jack Bruce Ginger Baker. Gary Moore. Hauntingly cream inspired.
Sad news indeed. A gifted musician. Cream reunion, "Live at the Royal Albert Hall", serves as a great memorial.
LOVE JB. Beautiful voice, great musician. Ginger was a regular douche to him, as I understand it.
A huge talent, and seemingly a very nice fellow. He was a hero of mine in the late 60's and has always been on my short list of great electric bassists.
Will play "White Room"in his honor - A tremendous talent!
I love his voice on Cream and with Robin Trower on B.L.T. I will always have him here in my living room, thanks Jack for all the songs, you will be missed.
My wife of 20 years passed on the same day. I doubt she knows who he was, but maybe they will chat sometimes.
Chayro....my condolences sir. Hope you are doing well and wish you all the best.
I'm really sorry for your loss. I wish for you strength and peace in the days ahead.
Dear Chayro...I've enjoyed your threads, and fine taste, over the many years and am sorry for your loss. Stay strong and concentrate on the good times only.
Killer bass player, no doubt. R.I.P. Mr Bruce.
I was sorry to hear of Jack Bruce's passing. For those who lived through the era who will ever forget the music of Cream?

To you Chayro, my condolences on your loss.
Their Cream Reunion from RA Hall is just freakin great, and Jack Bruce's voice was still strong then thank goodness. I have watched that DVD many times, and each time I realize more just how effective a vocalist he was and how he did all the little things right (i.e. he holds his notes out, he's always spot on intonation-wise, etc.). And bass-wise, like a good drummer, he just disappears into the music, allowing everything to just gelÂ…unlike some more show off types. I think people forgot how good he really was.
I just watched the "Cream Reunion" from the RAH in his honour...and still raises them goosebumps......maybe even more now. Yes, he will be missed. A great person, and musican....Plasmatech.
Of all his great music, I return most frequently to "Cities of the Heart", his 50th birthday "celebration" live double CD. A wonderful performance that perfectly balances his jazz and rock sensibilities. I can't think of anyone in R&R with Jack Bruce's classicism and refinement except perhaps John Cale.
Hi Chayro ..... All my prayers are with you and your family. Hopefully, your wife, my dad, and Jack Bruce will all continue to shine down upon us ! My dad, who passed away in 2011 and was a D-Day hero (Omaha Beach, 29th. division) always loved Clapton, Bruce, and Baker. If he and your wife meet in heaven, he'll definitely let her know about Jack.