Bruce Moore Custom M125

Bruce Moore Custom m125.
What do you think of these tube amp? 
Who to contact for any assistance and info?

Many thanks!
Anything by Bruce Moore is a thing to pay close attention to.
For those who love the best, Bruce Moore products are in that range.
Look up MFA, which stood for "Moore, Frankland, and Associates"
He makes great sounding amps.  Great! I wish I could afford one used. I have heard his monos before and looked inside lots of his builds.....,first rate.  I owned the Dual 70 years ago at it was wonderful even thought it was his entry level amp. 
What Teo said!
His pre-amps and phono stages are quite impressive too
I own one of his preamps but you will be on your own if you run into any trouble, I know this from experience. There is no one to contact, but his stuff really does sound good.

Okay paulcreed...
Still worth the same to buy these electronic.