FREE Nikko A 300D Local pickup San Diego

Tried to list this for free, but don't see that option.

FREE for local pickup. Oceanside, CA. Just can't bring myself to throw this away. It is a high quality little integrated amp that I've had for ~20 years. Hopefully some DIY person will adopt it. One channel drops in and out. I assume it needs new capacitors. I've been using this as my computer amp, but the bad channel has become cumbersome so it has been replace. All the knobs are here, faceplate reasonably clean. Not junk. Will text pics.

This is not the actual int. amp, but shows specs.
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Have you tried something like DeOxit spray on the potentiometers? I thought my early 80's Toshiba receiver was losing a channel but when I sprayed the pots it all cleared up. That was well over a year ago and still no problems.
A neighbor I had as a kid was a TV repairman who made a good living from it. His son told me the same thing n80 said. A lot of their fixes were to just pop off the knobs and spray WD40 on the pots to clean up the dust that built up over time. It's worth a try.

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The only downside to the DeOxit is that it is expensive ($20 for a tiny can) and the spray can that it comes in is poorly made and does not deliver the fluid very well. I do think it has de-oxidation properties above and beyond the water displacement and lubrication you get with WD-40 but it does also seem to lubricate some.
@n80 no need to shell out $20 for a tiny bottle of Deoxit.It's only odorless paint thinner.

Formulation: 5% DeoxIT® (active ingredient), 75% odorless mineral spirits (carrier solvent), 20% propel- lant. Formulation contains petroleum naphtha (odorless mineral spirits) solvent, and is brie y ammable (until solvent evaporates within 2-3 minutes).
Maybe its that 5% that makes it work?