Choice of riaa and pickup - Norway callin'


I have bought myself a Eat Forte S turntable. Its fitted with a Project 12 inch evo carbon arm. Arm mass is 10,5 grams. In 2014 I plan to upgrade to a better arm, such as a Graham Phantom Supreme.

I have been looking at various amps and pickups, and I am now focusing on Parasound JC3 and ASR Mini Basis mk3 for the amps, and Lyra Delos, Ortofon Cadenza Bronze, Dynavector XX-2 mkII or ZYX R100/R1000.

I am looking for neutral sound with body and soul.

My equipment are Wilson Audio Sophia 2, Burmester 082, Burmester 061, Revox B78 mk2, Nordost Thor, etc.

Any thoughts about the products and matching would be very much appreciated.

Cheers Toffen
Wow - no responses yet - I thought Id let it sit for a day or so before jumping in with my usual recommendation.

Phono Preamp

And yes I do make them :-) however do a google search for more information

Good Listening

The Graham Phantom Arm works with a wide range of cartridges on a superior level. The Zyx carts are generally very good, no matter what kind of music you prefer. All your choices do a good job but when you have to buy it without listening to it before, a Zyx is a safe recommendation.
just bought the Ortofon Cadenza bronze which replaced a Benz micro H2 high output MC cartridge - the Cadenza bronze provides improvement in all areas I loved about the Benz: tight, full and musical bass, excellent soundstaging in all three directions, tremendous detail and clarity, plus it is very very dynamic; this is a showstopper of a phono cartridge that is extremely quiet and matches really well with my Cary PH-302 vacuum tube phono pre amplifier, which I can now play in the MC setting -- given the two cartridges sell for close to the same retail price, the nod unquestionably goes to the Ortofon, IMHO