Speaker Choice

I posted this in speakers forum, but have received little response (unusual for A'gon!!!), so I thought I'd post in HT as well. I'm looking for the best monitors for an HT/two channel system, also rears and center. System is for a master bedroom approx. 18x18. Using Yamaha RXV-1 and, since its the bedroom, I'm not planning on changing the receiver or adding power. Accordingly, I don't want to break the bank on speakers for this one, but would like a decent a HT/2 channel system as I can get given the receiver used.


Def Tech is a good inexpensive line. I'm using the BP8, CLR2000, BP2X and SM350 with good results on a B&K AVR307
Might want to check out JM Lab Chorus speakers, inexpencive and seem to work well with recievers
If you are looking for a HT set-up in your bedroom, go with a 2 channel(LR) or 3 channel (LF; C; RF)HT set-up at most. Rear channels in a HT set-up only provide ambient sound and the proper set-up of the rear channels can be a pain, given that the speakers would need to be centered around your bed and done in a way that is visually pleasing (it is a bedroom afterall). You will also want speakers that sound good at low volumes, since you will playing this system mostly at nights.

With this said, I have had great success with the NHT SB2's and the Omega Super 3 (narrow cabinet). These speakers sound somewhat different ... the NHT's are warmer and fuller sounding; the Omegas are fast and lively sounding. Both are very musical sounding and visually stunning ... the NHT's in glossy piano black finish and the Omegas come in your choice of 10 finishes ... I chose Red Parisian laminate. Both sound pleasing even at low volumes. These speakers have been used with a vintage Marantz receiver (2240).

See my bedroom system for additional comments. I will be posting a review of the Omegas here soon.

Regards, Rich
Don't laugh...For my home theater setup downstairs, I purchased PSB's all the way around (Image 5T's, Image 9C). The PSB line provides really good performance- especially at the price point.

Those speakers may surprise you.