Phono Peramp Choice/Pass, Herron, Avid

I am looking to purchase a new phono preamp to use with my Basis 2500/Vector 4/Dynavector XX2 mk ii analog front end. After much research, I have narrowed my search to Pass XP-15, Herron VTPH-2 and perhaps Avid Pellere at a slightly higher price point. In researching the forums I see a few recommendations for the Pass with my cartridge. What I do not see is any comparison of the Pass and Herron nor any discussion of the Pellere, which is a relatively new unit. If you have experience with these units let me know how you chose them and how they have fit with your system. My priorities are transparency and neutrality of tonal balance.
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I'm not sure how much help this will be since I only have experience with the Herron (I did have the Dyna XXIIMkII but used it with a Whest phonostage). I think I can say with a high level of certainty that the Herron is my "forever" phonostage. It is insanely quiet, unerringly musical, detailed without being etched, simple to operate and adjust loading, reliably built and comes from Keith Herron who is one of the finer human beings I've come to know in this "business". The Herron doesn't really sound like a tube unit or a solid state unit--it just sounds like music. It really tells you exactly what is on the recording and therefore is both transparent to the source and very neutral in presentation. Just a great, great unit.
I have to second the Herron as it is a great Phono Stage. Very detailed, smooth, quiet and adjustable along with being very well built. I bought it after doing some research on this site and Keith offered an in home trial; so I figured why not. I obviously did not send it back and yes Keith is a great person to work with. I can not speak to the others although I have heard very good things about the Pass XP-15 and Mark at Reno hifi, another great person to work with, offers an in home trial as well; just pay shipping back and forth if you decide not to keep it.