Using paypal for local pickup

For items sold as local pickup only, is it a good idea to accept paypal? I heard that a buyer could say that he never received the items and paypal would side with the buyer as there is no proof of delivery. 
I have done this but was paid as friends and family so that negates the possibility of buyer making that claim.
And cuts out the fees to boot.
However not really something I would make a habit of or recommend.
I've made a couple of smaller local purchases using PP. Both seller and myself were happy. 
Why would you use paypal for a local pickup? The buyer should pay you with cash!
Why would you use paypal for a local pickup? The buyer should pay you with cash!

Some people don’t want to go to an unfamiliar place with a lot of cash on their person. 

If you are afraid you can always meet at the local police department to complete the transaction!
Why would you use paypal for a local pickup? The buyer should pay you with cash!

Agreed but I have been in same situation.
I went to look at a sub at a local craigslist sale and I knew the area was not the best in town so I did not want to carry cash.
So I went , looked, listened and then asked if he was ok with PayPal as friends and family.
I think he
Did the deal which is instant and all were happy.
So there are situations that merit it in todays age.
There is no way that I would go to a sketchy, or not-so sketchy area to complete a transaction with the kind of cash needed to purchase some audio equipment ... especially off of Craig's list.  We are talking about thousands of dollars. I have sold audio equipment on a cash basis via local pick-up before, but I won't buy that way. Why? Because I have police officers in the family ... and I have heard the stories.

With paypal a buyer could say that they never got the item and paypal would decide in their favor.
I have done this but was paid as friends and family so that negates the possibility of buyer making that claim.
I already explained the way round that one in the very first post.
Once paid by friends and family there are no claims...…...
I'd rather do friends and family than carry that much cash around to a strange place.
What about getting a signed and dated document from the buyer that he picked up and accepted the item.
With paypal for local pickup, does the buyer pay when purchasing or when picking up?

Couldn't you ask buyer to confirm delivery when you are meeting him and making the delivery?
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If you picking up you would want to wait to pay till you have seen and tested the items.
Imho of course.

Don't sweat it OP, it's not that complicated, just use friends option in PayPal and it is a done deal.
I sold an item here which was local pick up only.  The buyer sent me. 10% deposit which was non refundable and stated on his PayPal invoice.  He picked up 2 weeks later and paid the rest in cash.  Very easy transaction. 
PayPal done for local many times. Buyer listen to the gear and happily paid with no issues. Friends and family always.
No fees. No nonsense claims.
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If buyer pays via paypal using goods and services method, at time of local delivery, couldn't you ask buyer to log into his phone and click delivered while you watch?
I really am not sure why you keep trying to pick up obscure means around this issue when there have been at least THREE totally safe and secure options presented to you in this thread already by various members.
Good luck
I had a buyer use PayPal for some gear he bought in person from me. He used regular PayPal- not Family and Friends.

He listened to the gear at my house and verified that it was functioning properly and in the cosmetic condition that I advertised.

He then logged into PayPal from his phone at my place. He used a credit card tied to PayPal ( not a debit of funds from his bank account) so the funds cleared immediately on my end.

 I had him put a notation in the notes section of PayPal that he picked up the gear in person and that he verified functionality and cosmetic condition. 
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I just sold a pair of GE Triton Ones.  It was local pick up only.  When the person came over to listen, he wanted to pay by PayPal even though my ad stated cash only, no CC,  War Bonds, IO U’s or Bit Coin.  I told him no as the price was already $1000.00 cheaper than Blue Book and that PayPal was going to charge me 2.9% of the sale.  He already heard and inspected the speakers.  He left and didn’t buy them. 

The next day, a very nice gentleman from Connecticut came to the house and paid me in cash.  There was no way I was taking PayPal for a local pick up.  The very next day the first person called and said he was bringing cash.   I had a smile on my face when I told him they were already sold. 
No one is coming to my home, listening to the piece, physically inspecting it, putting it in their vehicle and leaving without paying cash.  That is just wrong on many levels. They can’t claim later that it wasn’t workin, didn’t match the advertised appearance or some such and demand a refund.  

That is why I like it when people do pick it up personally.  I set it up. They bring their music and listen and we talk music and equipment, they pay, take the equipment and leave happy.

If you bought a used car from a private party would you pay with PayPal or cash? Would the seller even accept that form of payment?

I understand that some are wary of locations.I happen to live in a pretty nice area.  But that problem rest with the buyer not with me. You are not physically taking my equipment without paying cash. 
As I’ve mentioned many times PayPal protects the buyer not the seller and Audiogon is in a business arrangement with PayPal, that is why they try to limit payment to PayPal only. I’m not drinking that coolaid.  I accept checks also,I just don’t ship until my bank tells me the check cleared.  If the buyer insist on using PayPal, fine.  You can’t pick up the item from my house and you pay the PayPal fee as shipping.

Local pickup i take cash only paypal is garbadge.
I'll do PayPal friends and family. No fees, no hassle, no recourse. 
Do not accept Paypal if you cant confirm delivery of the item. Now friend and family will work but not normal Paypal. I lost sale due to this, but unless you know and trust the customer I wouldnt because you have no protection.