FM tuner problem

I bought a Marantz AV 8801 and the tuner section will not work. It comes up to the am fm menu with all the options but nothing works. Some one said it was a plug that disconnected in transit. Where would the tuner plug be . I took of the center cover but never saw anything loose.

Assuming you are using the antennas(AM & FM) that came with the unit, have you tried the AM?
Agreed. You have to have some type of an antenna hooked up to it. Even just a piece of wire, but something.
Maybe its a setup issue. For example, you may have the radio sent through HDMI when it should be going somewhere else.
When I choose AM it defaults back to FM. I have the AM and FM antenna connected. When I choose the options like manual tune nothing works.

Try "Resetting the microprocessor", page 186 in your owners manual.