Floor Stander with Small Footprint 7K - 15K

SAF issue requires an elegant floor stander with a small footprint (narrow and deep is good). 2-way or 3-way okay. Room is 15d x 30w x 10h. SimAudio Moon 600i has enough power to drive pretty much anything well. Don't suggest a KEF Blade. That won't fly.

My music tastes run all over the place but I do favor impeccable vocals, cellos and trombones, and bass that is clearly musical though not necessarily earth-moving. That being said Led Zeppelin and orchestral music have to have impact.

Your thoughts, AudioGon-ers? Thank you in advance
Please specific how narrow 'narrow' is......

Two speakers that would give the performance and attributes you specify with a few nice extras are the Legacy Focus SE and the new AERIS (a bit over 15K new, perhaps you can find a good deal or find a demo pair...).

I've owned both and currently own the AERIS...see other threads for details.

I've heard a lot but don't have as extensive experience with others beyond a few hours of demo so if you want I can give you that list as well but others will clearly chime in......let me know.
Canalis Amerigo. Around $10K if memory serves.
I bet there was a similar threads just a couple of days back. Did it get reset?
I had recommended KEF Reference 3.
Even a PMC Fact.8 or Twenty.26 should be auditioned.
So important 2 threads!!!
Dynaudio C2 fits your description perfectly...and people are talkin Simaudio pairs very well with Dyns...buy with Confidence...
Yup. Somehow the thread got repeated. Stereo, you know.
I would urge you to take a look at the Larsen 8 speakers: - floor standing speakers with a small footprint
- full range, bass extends down to true 23Hz
- designed to be placed directly against the wall
- designed to eliminate or minimize room problems
- work great with most amplifiers, SS or tube
- fabulous sound quality
- $6,995

I suggest that you read Robert E. Greene's outstanding review of the Larsen 8 speakers. To quote: "The Larsens, most impressively, really sound the way music actually does sound."

*Disclaimer* I am a Larsen dealer
I looked for a pair of narrow speakers myself for a smaller room and purchased a pair of Audio Physic Classic 30's. They are only about 7" wide and 16" deep. Sound great to me. I a larger room like yours I would most likely prefer a larger speaker though.