Fats Domino missing

...since Monday he's manager knows nothing about him, hope he's OK after mighty Katrina.
Just heard about this. Hope he's OK. But his status should certainly be no greater than that of anyone else who had to endure Katrina. He's a legend, certainly, but there are a lot of other innocent folk who are either dead, missing, or homeless, and they deserve the same attention.
Hooper, I agree with your sentiment. I think it appropriate to mention Fats in this forum, since it is after all, a music forum.

Elgordo, shame on you and me as well. Cuz you made me laugh when I shouldn't have. I do hope he is alright.
Maybe you can find hin on ""Blueberry Hill""......
fats was found, alive and well
I heard when they took him out the water level fell 15'.
Unfortunately, one of the funniest threads this year.
Thousands dead, 100,000s homeless and you guys make jokes. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
Onhwy61 lighten up. Joke or no joke it is what it is. I feel as bad as the next guy. You want to be serious OK. Take a ride to Louisiana, dig in, and then you can play the martyr. Until then stop taking yourself so seriously.
Nothing wrong with gallows humor,11 months in the paddies will show you the way...
"I'm walking to New Orleans.....................