Derek and the Dominos 50th

Has anyone heard this reissue on LP or CD and how does it compare to past releases.
It's always been one of my favorites so wondering if it's worth yet another purchase.
Just guessing by experience looking forward to other R&R reissues-disappointing.

Best to just get the CD, or spend some bin time trying to find one of these.

I went thru 4, 2 were first press and 1 was a keeper. Just like many albums during this period, SQ just isn't stellar, and is what it is. Finding an alubm with BOTH LPs intact is the hard part.

Naturally this is just a subjective opinion of a period press geek.

I haven't heard it, but Bobby Whitlock (the band's organist/vocalist/songwriter) panned it in one of his recent YouTube videos. The new mix was done so as to highlight Clapton, at the expense of the band's ensemble sound.

The version to have is the MoFi.
I think the best sounding digital Layla is the MoFi SACD, but don’t expect a miracle, it’s the best of a not very good sounding bunch.  The CD layer should be the same mastering as the SACD.
Has Tom Dowd ever explained his rationale for recording what is surely one of the greatest albums of the 70's in a manner that resulted in such muddy SQ?  I'd really be interested to know. On the Steve Hoffman forum the Japan SHM seems to be the favorite but I found it excessively bright. Good thing I kept my MoFi Gold disc. I guess that's about as good as it gets... 

how does the MoFi Gold CD sound?

I own the original RSO CD set in a fatboy case plus the 40th Anniversary Super Deluxe box set.

Happy Listening!
Hi jafant-- here you go: 

Silverline SR 17.5 Monitors
w/ Herbie's Threaded Gliders replacing
stock spikes on sand-filled target stands

Wells Majestic integrated 
(resting on an outdated Symposium shelf)

SimAudio Moon 260DT transport
(resting on Symposium Svelte Shelf Plus and Rollerblock Jr+)

Aqua La Voce S2 DAC
(resting on original Stillpoints)

Audio Art speaker, digital and and power cables

Acoustic Zen Silver Reference IC's

Schiit Loki EQ (using this less and less, as I tweak the system) 

I currently have on order more Symposium shelves, footers
for the amp and DAC as the improvement they've yielded under the transport exceeded my expectations.

I'm currently demoing Audio Art's Statement digital cable 


Listening to Eric Clapton's s/t release, it has the same kind of "muddy" sound quality as well. Still it is a Classic Album. I own several editions on CD.

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Did Tom Dowd over-produce "Layla" resulting in a muddy/murky sound?

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Thanks for those links-- interesting details.

Apparently, those involved in the recording process have no regrets about the poor SQ. 

There is a documentary entitled Tom Dowd & The Language Of Music, available on DVD. Mr. Dowd and many other big-name engineers approach(ed) the recording of music from a perspective far removed from that of Doug Sax (Sheffield Records) and Kav Alexander (Water Lily Records). Unfortunately.

The same can be said of many big-name musicians and singers, for that matter.

Did you pick up the new Clapton 4-CD set for 2021?
Mine is on Order and awaiting delivery.

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No I haven't.  I'm away from home and waiting to read some reviews.  I hope they don't squash the dynamics.

I will give a proper review in late October due to work schedule as well.

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The 2011 Deluxe Edition remaster cleaned up the sound considerably--Allman's guitar  in particular sounds more seamless and less tacked-on. I've long thought the original release would have been much better if had omitted filler like "Key to the Highway" and the odd "Thorn Tree" in favor of some of the songs on the bonus disc like Got to Get Better" and "Roll It Over".
murk…a disc I love ( music ) but hate ( sonics )

a primer for bad engineering..
If you are open to a more recent recording, the Tedeschi Trucks Band CD "Layla Revisted (live at LOCKN)" is worth a listen. They do the whole album live. (Fun facts: Derek Trucks was named after it, and Susan Tedeschi was born on the day it was released)

Not saying it replaces the original by any means (the drummer is no Jim Gordon) but I really enjoyed hearing a non-muddy performance of this old friend, the vocals and lead guitar being especially compelling.

i have heard that they where all coked to the gills, including the engineers. hung out  with this gang from time to time back in the day.