Did ya ever notice that when you make an upgrade to your primary rig, the secondary ones sometimes benefit?

I have a ML 383 on the way (upgrade number 1), and am already salivating at the thought of that as well as moving the amp it'll replace to the home theater (upgrade number 2), along with all the cables that'll be unnecessary since the 383 is an integrated (upgrade number 3).

Of course, that'll leave the pre amp outta the main rig avaialble, as well as the amp from the home theater that just got replaced and I just happen to have a pair of okay monitors runnin' off a budget reciever in the bedroom so that'll be improvement/upgrade number 4.

Then, the guest room really needs some tunes, so the budget reciever from my bedroom will move there (ancillary benefit 1), and ya know, if I upgrade the CD player in the main rig (which really is not all that shabby), I can then move that one to my bedroom, and then move that one to the guest room, and the rear channel spekers in the home theater really ought to match the Martin Logans on the front three channels so presto, the guest room has tunes...

What next?
Hey Mitch- Which side of the pond are you on these days?? Haven't heard a peep from you in a while(or you've been keeping under radar;)
Click on my systems, been there (obviously)....
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