Fair price for a Yamaha RX-V1

I would like an opinion or two on what might be a good asking price for a Yamaha RX-V1 HT Receiver (in pristine condition with original owner's manual, shipping container, etc.).  All functions work perfectly. My goal is to upgrade to a more modern 5- or 7-channel receiver that offers the current audio processing capabilities and room equalization.  I believe the RX-V1 was top-of-the-the-line for Yamaha when it was current.  (I would like to receive a good price for the unit, but want to price it fairly enough to be attractive -- perhaps to an enthusiast just getting into home theater.)  THANKS.   
I don’t have a price for you except to say that home theater specific equipment takes a pretty big hit in price generally. I remember that receiver as being top of the line but that was about 10 years or so ago. I have a Pioneer Elite DV09 that was the top of the line DVD player a number of years ago and sold for $ 2,200.00 new. Mine has maybe 3 or 4 hours on it and I could probably can only get about $ 250.00 at best! Check the completed listings over on ebay and see what they have sold for. I would guess that it’s less than $ 400.00. Good Luck with it!
I think $200-$300 is more likely for the RX-V1 receiver. I bought a champagne-colored one from a thrift store a few years ago. I spent $350 to get it repaired, then gave it to my son-in-law after I saw how many were available on the used equipment websites. I sold my champagne-colored Yamaha DSP A1 last week for $200 (with Yamaha speakers). There just doesn't seem to be much of a market for used receivers, unless they are McIntosh or priced like a thrift store. I watch those used equipment websites and observe that any receiver (particularly ones without HDMI) priced over $300 can sit for months, even years! I guess it just depends on how long you are willing to wait.
last two sold on ebay sold for $160 and $130

WOW!  ...but I guess not that surprising.  THANKS, all.  Good, consistent input.  Given its condition and its past performance, I took an "educated guess" a couple days ago and placed it at $490 (as I recall), which apparently is a little on the high side.  

In looking around for an upgrade, and focused on sound quality and a good room equalization system, it looks to me like the current 500- and 700 series Anthem units look really good.  (I am a two-channel guy but have a separate stereo system located in another room). I currently have an OPPO 83 deck for Blu Ray playback. Given all that, can you offer any recommendations/opinions? 

Whether you are into home theater or 2-channel, be sure you get one with HDMI output. That way it works with current video options. Personally, I would only buy separate components, which are easier to upgrade, but if you elect to buy another receiver, I recommend a McIntosh or Marantz. At some point, you may want to upgrade again and resale is considerably better with those two brands. 
If it looks nu, gift-package it to your close friend or relative.
 These units depreciate every day so one or few weeks later you might be somewhere bellow $99.

+1 Tonykay

Make sure you get one with HDMI the V1 doesn't have hdmi.


Cheers George
(I am a two-channel guy but have a separate stereo system located in another room). I currently have an OPPO 83 deck for Blu Ray playback. Given all that, can you offer any recommendations/opinions?
If you are a 2 channel guy, then why not build a surround sound system around your existing 2 channel stereo?  This is what I did.

As you already found out, HT is mostly about features and with the technology changing so quickly, yesterdays mega buck TOTL AVR's and Pre/Pro's are basically worthless in a few years.  So get a decent AVR from last years line up that this fall will probably be discounted by up to 50% new.   Make sure it has HDMI and at the very least L/R Main Pre-Outs and connect it to your existing stereo system.  Allow your 2 channel stereo amp to drive your L/R Main speakers full time while the AVR just takes care of the center and surrounds. 

Thank you all for the input.

Paraneer -- Thanks for the good suggestion.  I should have mentioned that I have a 2-channel system set up separately from my HT system -- but I may need to combine the two in the future.

If I use a Marantz NR 1608 as a preamp then connect to V1 as power amp, will I be getting 110w on all channels? The 1608 is only 50 wpc that’s why I’m considering the V1 as power source. Thanks all
I’ll give you one more good suggestion. Look around for a DAC. I added a Benchmark DAC1 (which can be found for cheap) to my Oppo 105D CD player and it made a huge difference. Most of my listening is through headphones. I was so impressed that I’m looking for a newer DAC. The DAC1 is old, but a good place to start.
Between 200$-250$
I got a rx-v1 Yamaha and i love it, it is the best receiver to add a amp to because of the prosseser it haves, if you set it up right with good amps there are no pre-pros that can match, I love the effect channels,