Experience with Vonschweikert VR2 or Logan Aeon i?

I am considering purchasing one of these speakers and would like to benefit from the experience of people who own (or have owned) either of them . Thank you,
Check out the forum archives for either speaker. You should find info on both.
Not sure if your still looking, but for what it's worth about 2 months ago I was in the same situation. I was hooked by the sound of the Magnepan 1.6QRs which I actually preferred to the Aeon i's. To make sure I exhausted all possibilities I kept looking and covered lots of price points. I was finally able to hear the Von Schweikert VR2s and was very impressed.

About 6 weeks ago my dark cherry VR2s arrived. I simply have nothing bad to say about this speaker. Versus the Aeon i I think it is much more dynamic and gives up nothing in the top end air and detail that ML always gives.
Thanks for your response. I received my Dark Cherry VR-2's about 3 months ago and love them. Email me off this thread and we can swap set-up info and maybe learn more from each other. Thanks,