Sistrum under VonSchweikert VR-4JR

Is anybody using Sistrum plarforms under VSA VR-4JRs?
What model? Could you, please share your impressions.
I've been doing a lot of experimenting with various support systems ( Mapleshade cones, maple platforms, Herbie's footers and the combinations of the above).
Without going into much details, I should say, that the differencies are rather drastic and unexpected. The only thing I should state is, that I was much less concerned with this issue before I tried a few options.
I want to try Sistrum now, their concept "sounds" interesting.
Speakers are on carpet over concrete.
I love the Sistrum products: Under all my electronics and speakers. They have a money back gurantee. 30 days to audition them. Can't beat that with a stick. Robert is audio savvy, low pressure, and just a plain ole nice guy. Give them a whirl. I don't think you'll want you money back.... :)
Maril555, have you experimented with various support systems under just the Mid/Tweeter module or the entire speaker?

I'm curious about different isolation/support systems under just the mid/tweeter module and what kind of impact they have on the sound. I have VR4Jrs and they sound great, but I'm always open to tweaks that improve what I already have.
Ditto to what Warrenh mentioned.
I have Herbie's Big Fat Black Dots under the M/T modules, and I think they make it sound more extended, without any harshness.
I'm more interested in support for the bass module for now.
I already got audiopoints from Robert, but unfortunately my concrete floor is uneven, and I'm having hard time leveling speakers on 4 points.
That's why I want to try 3-point support system, like Sistrum.
Since my speakers are 20" deep and only 9.5" wide, I'm not sure which Sistrum model will work.
Get the three points system. You won't be sorry. Fabulous!! SP1 I believe? That's what I use....
One thing you have to be careful about when placing speakers on stands is the off axis dispersion of the tweeter. If you elevate the speaker out of that "zone" where it was designed to be listened to, you might not like the effect. My buddy just tried his Montana SPXs on the top of the line Sistrum platforms and while they did have a positive effect on the sound, he was out of that "zone" where high frequency detail is best for that particular speaker. Several of us agreed after hearing them on the stands that if he was to make this work he would either have to buy a different listening chair or raise his existing chair to compensate for the 3+ inches.

Some speakers aren't as prone to this as others, but I maintain that most are designed with a certain height window in mind. Get your ears outside that window and the magic is lost.

You may try to email Larry Staples {Lrsky] about the removal of lead shot from speakers and the use of Audiopoints and Sistrum Platforms. Tom
Try these. They were great under my VR 4SR mk2 .Mount in the same holes that the spikes do.
>They were great<

"Were" great? Are the speakers or the stands gone? Or both?

They are great. yes,I still have both.
I agree that it is possible to elevate out of the zone with some speakers.
But, the Von Schweikert are made to shoot up and away from direct impact, so this should not matter with them.
With the Soundcity outriggers you can also point the speakers down or up.
I have mine level however.
Appreciate your advice. I already removed lead from my speakers in favor of sand and possibly microbearing steel fill, and bought audiopoints.
Why shoud I ask Lrsky? Is he a dealer for Sistrum?
If you want to do what I did with the Paragons,you will hear a substantial improvement across the audio spectrum.You may view my virtual system and you will see sistrum 101 under the subs and sp0004 under the monitors.If you think that the vr4 's sound good now! Just wait until they get supercharged by the Sistrum. What the stands do for audio is truly a fundemental improvement-Cheers Dennis
No Larry is not a dealer. He does however have much experience with those speakers...lead shot and other fill...and the benefits of no fill and proper grounding. Tom
I hear you. The problem is, that only SP-004 will fit under VR-4JRs. (or two of them). SP-1 and 101 are too wide. Speaker is only 9.5" wide and 20" deep. Do you think one 004 is too small? It's only 13 " deep.
I think that the 004 would fit nicely and the fact that it is shorter shouldn't effect the performance.The difference between having one and not using one is profound.Imaging and dynamics will be improved by a substantial margin and you will wonder how you ever thought the former ( non sistrum was listenable).Please try it and see if you can send them back to starsound if they don't work.Robert is a real pleasure to work with and knows his products.Good luck Dennis
Also replace the stock feet( bottom unit) with the larger ones.Robert should know what sizes you need and they will improve over OEM because Starsound has propreitary brass formula.I think you will be pleasantly schocked-Dennis
I actually meant to use SP-004 under the bottom unit.
I have audiopoints on the bottom now.
I don't know if that 004 would be enough and think that the sp-1 would be a more suitable canidate.I know the 004 would work between the monitor and sub and think that's the way to go.If you wanted to do the sp-1 on the bottom, this stand would have a much bigger footprint for the size of the speaker you have.The 004 wouldn't be large enough to fir properly.I just measured the sp-1 and they are too wide at 12inches,the good news is the sp101 will narrow down to 7inches at the back and do 13inches too the front.The 101 is a way better stand and also costs more but is the one that is more suited for the job( plus it looks real cool !).I hope this helps and go big or just keep listening Dennis
I thought so, SP-1 is too wide, and 101 is too expensive for now (it's half of my speakers full retail), but it could be a next step, if I like Sistrum enough.
I did contact Lrsky, and he vouched for Sistrum and Microbearing Steel fill instead of sand, or lead for the speakers
Could you take the bottum stand (plinth) off of the VR4jr's and add a Sistum system directly to the very bottum of the speaker? Maybe the sp-004 would fit without the plinth there?
I'll try, and will report my findings.