I'm soon going to be in the market for speakers in the $4000 to $6000/pr. range. I've heard most everything in this range and my favorites are the Gershmann RX-20, VonSchweikert VR-5, and Silverline Sonatina II. I also liked the Coincident Tech. Total Eclipse and Soliloquy 6.3, but they're both a little larger than I'd like or than I think my wife would accept(hey, at least she's letting me blow the cash).

I've heard each of these speakers independently, but I have not yet heard any of them extensively and I have not had a chance to compare any of them directly. I'm wondering if any of you have had the opportunity to compare these speakers directly or if you've had extensive experience with one or more of them. Since I have heard each of them I'm more interested in comparisons between them rather than thoughts on them individually, but I value all opinions.

I know this will come down to my personal preference, but I'm looking for any information you may have in case there are some important things I should be aware of or look for during my demos. You guys have been a great help in the past, and I'm looking forward to your thoughts. Thanks in advance and happy listening. By the way, my equipment is:
Pioneer DVD(transport)
EVS Millennium DAC 1
Adcom GFP-750
McCormack DNA 0.5(Rev. A)
Soliloquy 5.3
DH Labs Cables

I have heard the Silverline Sonata.It is a nice speaker.You might want to try the Super Eclipse.I prefer it to the Sonata.Though one over the other is not setteling.
tim..i have a pair of the vr5s. they are reference vr5s with the hovland upgrade. i have had them since 1/01 and love frontend gear is aloia 13.01 inductive amps x 2 ( vertically biamped ),aloia 11.01 prteamp,scd-1,dodson 217 mkII d dac. i use a combination of xlo limited edition interconnects,audio tekne interconnects,and audio tekne speaker cables ( i will be trying valhallas next week). the vr5s are great top to bottom.i have compared them recently with the piega p10 speakers using the same frontend gear and they were the equal of the p10s,which are great speakers..( see review in this issue absolute sound.the build quality is outstanding. the bass is tight and quick.they immage superbly,transients are immediate and forceful,vocals are the equal of any monitor. i have mine on aurios pro mibs that sit on granite slabs that are 1 1/8" thick.albert is a great guy and will go the extra mile for anyone.i have yet to have a question that wasn't answered immediately. i hope this helps. if you have any questions please let me know. dave smith
I think in the price range you are talking about,the VSA VR 5s are about the best available.I use them for my rears since the arrival of my VR7s.Superb build quality,and customer support is the best.The new line of VSA speakers is definitely a"must audition" whatever your budget is as they start from 3k to 20k.
Tim: The Gershman GAP, IMHO, are one of the most underated speaker on the planet. I demoed them against Martin Logan, Von Sch. and other 10K+ speakers and the Gs were clearly superior when fed enough power.
There was used pair of GAP 520 (big brother to Gershmans you are considering) on audiogon for around 5K -- a bargin. This is the best speaker I have ever heard under $35K. -Lorne
Lore have you heard the Silveline Sonota.There a new store AT Dixe /Aimco Blvd in Mississauga.They are just getting started.They have the Sonata.Get out and have a listen,HIFI AND HOME THEATRE
Thanks guys. Looks like each speaker has its fans.

I've heard the VR-5 has upgrades available. Anyone know what they are, how they affect the sound, and how much they cost?

Lastly, can you recommend a good dealer in the NJ/NYC area for Gershman/VonSchweikert/Silverline where I could go for a good demo? Thanks.

I have extensive experience with the Silverlines and the VR5s HSE. The VR5 is the better speaker. I run 50 watts ultralinear tube watts.
Silverline and VR both make great speakers, but I would have to agree with Doctorb and give the nod to VR. If you haven't already, make sure you add the Talon Khite 2002 and Peregrine X to your list of must audition. I believe that there are a couple Talon dealers in your area.

What do you think of VR6?
Not sure, but according to Albert, the VR5 is better than the 6. I believe him when he says this.