Exotic vocal - Male

I dunno if it makes me gender-disoriented or as someone "hiding in the closet" but outside of the opera (like listening to the arias of Madam Burretfly) I find male vocal much more appealing to my everyday mood. For me the voice of a lead singer in rock music "makes it or breaks it" so that CD goes into my collection or into the "to be sold" box. Best example is Marillion with Fish and without him or Unicorn (produced by David Gilmour: beautiful music but I just cannot stand the singer!!)
For your reference, my personal favorite lead singers are David Sylvian (!!!!!), Fish(!!), Tim Bowness (see Porcupine Tree, No Man), Elvis, Joe Dassin.
What about EXOTIC male vocal? We have quite a few female exotica in a parallel thread here: Lisa Gerrard, Ima Sumak, Cocteau Twins, etc., but are there any "exotic" male singers around?
As a native Siberian (yes, THAT place which no one wants to visit and No one want to live in!) I know of Tuva throat singers..., that is exotic!!!... "Soriah with Ashkelon Sain" puts one of their best singers over the layers of Pink-Floyd style music, the end result is mesmerizing!!!
Klaus Nomi... should I say more?
The creepiest CD I have in my collection is "Alessandro Moreschi  the Last Castrato" Opal CD 9823... this one is creepy, the voice is totally EXOTIC but listening to "him" I hear surgical steel snapping off my manhood, yuk...
Any Exotic male vocal in Your collection? ;-)