E.A.R 834p. VS Graham Slee Reflex

Iam buying my first phonocorrector ever and cant decide-E.A.R with NOS Telefunken Valves or Graham Slee Reflex.Speakers are WP8+Pass Labs xa30.5.
What do you think?
I love my Graham Slee Reflex. Using it with a Graham Slee Elevator for a low output moving coil (Lyra Titan) cart.
Go with the E.A.R. Tubes are the way to go on a Phono preamp! My friend had that E.A.R and he is sorry he sold it!
Ha! Just went through the same decision; let us know what you decide!

After reading every possible review on the web, I came to the conclusion that the EAR is probably $400 overpriced (maybe due to weak $)?

I've heard good things about the Graham Slee Reflex, but spoke to several that pointed me to the EAR over the Graham. The Avid Pulsus was also in the running.

Anyway, I just placed an order for the 834 with the Tele tubes - Just having a hard time with the upfront cost.
EAR is fantastic, and yes I agree its overpriced by a few hundred dollars.

Best deal would be to buy it used for around a grand.
Iam from Germany and it is demo for 1000eu with new caps new Tdp valves + NOS Telefunken valves.Iam afraid just about one thing- mismatch of impendances because ussualy tube gear demands 100kohm and as Pass Power amp has only 15kohm...
The E.A.R. may be overpriced now but it upgrades beautifully. Look for a used deluxe (chrome) version. You can upgrade it yourself (do a search for Thorsten Loesch 834P mods) or call Audio Revelations. You can also get great results from tube rolling. As you can guess I have the 834P and it's one of the best audio buys I've made.
recently I found interesting experience of one audiophile who was running Icon Audio Ps 3 and his thoughts are these
"A couple of days ago i received a Reflex C with the PSU-1 via the loaner programme, and i thought i would let you know what i thought. A few years ago i had the Gram amp 2se, and have fond memories of it's musical and enjoyable sound quality, and amazing value for money. Anyway, back to the Reflex C, i set it up and decided to let it warm through overnight and have a listen the next morning. Well, i was expecting it to sound good, but not THIS GOOD!!! I can't believe all that sound was coming from these two small boxes, and my first thought was just how musical and enjoyable it was - maybe a little on the thin side, but i thought that might improve as it warmed up - and improve it has. It just sounds right, musical, detailed, with lovely bass, mid, and a silky treble, and if you did not know any better, you could be listening to a tube phono stage - it's that good!

Now i have some serious thinking to do. The Reflex C runs very close to my current tube phono stage, an Icon Audio Ps3 Signature, without the hassle and expense of replacing tubes!"

need to consider for me too
did you made comparisons and amplifier you are running is ss or tubes?
hiendmuse-did I get it wright that you are running reflex m with cart from 6k price range?
Pbowne: Glad to see your response. Mine should arrive tomorrow. I have started to read up on modifications. Any you recommend (besides new tubes) that was worth the $/effort as a DIY?
Proac28, Yes, I have a Lyra Titan-i cartridge and am using a Graham Slee Reflex M. When I got back into turntables several years ago and bought a VPI Super Scoutmaster, I got a high output moving coil cartridge with a Graham Slee Gold ERA phono preamp. I upgraded to a low output Lyra Skala a year or two later and the Graham Slee ERA didn't have enough output so I bought a Graham Slee Elevator, a step-up device with a wide range of loading options on the front panel making testing different loads very easy. I traded in the Skala and got a nice trade-in for it on the purchase of a Titan-i. I upgraded to the Reflex M about 1-2 years ago from the ERA Gold, which further improved performance. The Reflex M and Elevator are a great combination. I am extremely happy with the sound. I am not looking to change my phono preamp, this combo is a keeper.
I haven't heard the Graham, but I did try out the EAR a few years ago, and it was pretty ho hum to me. Not bad, but nothing special.

Just got mine. Can't say it's ho hum on this side,bit of an opposite experience for me. Sounds great: agree with all that has been posted on this one. Can't call it analytical, but did not want that sound.

Good luck
Shakey- Do you suspect the 834 w/ your Benz was just too warmish paired together. They are both supposed to have that signature. I have owned a Ruby, and briefly an EAR 912. and that was my feeling. Never heard them together.
Was the 834P quiet w/ your Benz SL
That could be the case. I compared it to the onboard phono stage of a JJ Electronics full featured preamp and preferred the JJ. The EAR reminded me of the MM section of the Cary SLP -98. Just not very resolving or dynamic.

Thanks-I am thinking tubes to replace a Heed Quasar. The Heed
won't be easy to trump without spending a fair amount more. It's really good, and has a sound I can see a tube guy liking.
That's coming from a tube guy. ProAc28- Not sure what the Slee sells for, but the Quasar may be worth consideration. Mine will stay until I hear something something better south of 3K. The 834P delux is $2595 BTW.
I did not do a lot of research on the deluxe vs std. Would be interesting.

From reading post, I can see how others perceive preamps which are more analytical compared to the ear now that I am listening to it.

Unfortunately it's a pain in the a*s for me to trade many units in and out to test. In the end, I choose the ear because of the "softer" sound.

That said,I really like the results (but maybe I don't know what I'm missing).
probably I will buy graham as for the first time it will be just fine:)
choose ear instead of what?Rest of yours setup is?
Abp689- I also would like to know the differences, beside $1895 vs. $2595.
So far I know the RCA connectors are better quality on the Deluxe version.
Then of course the obvious, which is the cost of the fancy faceplate.
Abp689- What cartridge are you using?
Fjn04: as far as the differences bwt the two, I spoke to two different salesmen at two different companies*. One said the main difference was a shiny chrome faceplate and a few hundred bucks and absolutely nothing else. The other said it was a completely different model and blew the standard out of the water?

I grabbed a dyna 10x5; seemed like a moderate choice with two kids running around. Not a lot of experience to compare with other pairings. To my the ear and 10x5 seem to be great with Jazz (Saxophone Colossus) and acoustic (Young Live at Massey Hall), and good with rock (Fever Ray).

*just repeating comments! not intended to offend.
its a little bit upgraded pcb and so on
Interesting- I heard about the superior RCA's from a dealer who was looking in to the line. According to Audio Revelations current ad here, it seems as if the Std version comes standard with a volume control. Pricing is $1695 MM,
or $1895 w/ both MM/MC. The deluxes price of $2595 comes standard without V/C. Why do i get the feeling one of us will have to become a sleuth to solve this mystery. I say this with love for the hobby, but can't this be a little easier.
Just to be clear about the standard version, it apparently can't be had without the V/C. I will check on it, but if it's true, I find it strange.
Fjn: to add to the mystery. I thought the standard came with vc, but when standard mm/mc showed up, no vc.

I thought vc was now standard as well; would have liked to have it, but not going to fuss with it (I should have clarified prior to purchase).

And yes, I was thinking the same thing about this hobby earlier today - it does seem like it should be easier. Just can't decide if it adds or subtracts from the hobby?
It was mention on one review about differences