Dynaudio Special 40 or OLD Dynaudio Focus 160?

I'm eyeing on either of these models, I've listened to Focus 110 sometimes ago, the high came out from the tweeters is very very charming, mid sound just right to the point and sweet, bass most probably could have be the concern where I feel drum music a bit stiff to hear. Any opinions? I intend to drive it with a Class D Audio SDS-470C power amp, signal from a DAC pre Fostex HP-A3.
@stevenz,Have you got a chance to listen to the Special 40? It does not matter what people say here, cause it is "their" opinion. It is "your" money and hence it should solely be your decision. But I still stand by my opinion - these are really nice loudspeakers.

I haven't actually but I have heard the Focus 160 and some Excite models and quite liked them. I was hoping to see if you guys who have them are still satisfied in the long term. 

Interesting that Stereophile mentioned cabinet resonance issues as nobody else has.

My intention with these are for music duties in my office. It's between the Special 40 and Harbeth P3ESR. Two different animals so a tough choice.
Two very good choices. I listened to both extensively.

My preference was for the Dynaudio. The bass response was superior. On large scale symphony and 60's classic rock the bass was missing on the Harbeth P3. Plus the amp worked a lot harder to get the sound to the same volume in my room.

Listen to both with the same music and you make the call. If your dealer(s) will allow in home demo, even better.
Aside for increased bass response how did you find the mid-range between the two. Was the Dynaudio on par with the Harbeth? How about the imaging? Plan on pulling the trigger within a few days so hope to hear back. Thanks