Dynaudio C4 old stock discounted

I am in a position to buy a brand new Old stock Dynaudio C4 at a significant discount. It's been stored for at least 10 years sealed in original box under controlled environment. Is there a possibility that a speaker which has never been used could get damaged with time? Do the internal elements age without use? Could there be breakdown in the woofers and tweeters, crossover or any other component ? 
If you want that speaker- you should get it! When you pull them out they will still have that new speaker smell and I would think you will have zero issues.
Go for it. If stored as indicated, they will be fine.
I wouldn't pass on this opportunity!

Go for it.
I know that capacitors get old and leaky and eventually need to be replaced on aged amps. Does this not apply to speaker architecture ? 
Dynaudio’s “Guidelines for Warranty” states the warranty begins at time of purchase and lasts for two years.  So, in the event there’s an issue, you would be covered under warranty, provided the speakers are being purchased from an authorized dealer.
Depends on the discount obviously...
I was going to buy them but they're too tall for my room and the tweeters in them are a nearly 20 y o design
I’d be worried if they were 40 years old. You realize people keep audiophile electronics for 20 to 50 years right? They change hands yeah but they survive. Else what are you paying for exactly? The wood finishing?
I was going to buy them but they're too tall for my room and the tweeters in them are a nearly 20 y o design

LOL...those Esotar2 tweeters are amazing and some of the best in the business still, and Dynaudio continued to refine them since inception. But yeah, the C4 need a big high-current amp and a big room.

I bought a new pair of Confidence C2 Platinum last fall when they became discontinued pending the new Confidence line. I got a steep discount and they are amazing. I couldn't be happier. They replaced my older pair of Contour S3.4.

Aside from my warranty comment, I’ll second dewette’s comment regarding needing a big high-current amp.  I ran my C4’s with a McIntosh MC452, wasn’t enough juice for them.  Swapped it out for a set of monoblocks.  Now, well, my 20 year old speakers sound epic.  
The pair with the upgraded finish have a really attractive price and the same seller has a nice pair of Ushers for sale for the same price, I wonder what the differences are? More specifically I wonder how a tall narrow speaker with 2 8" woofers loads a room compared to a shorter fat speaker with a single 11" woofer loads a room. I know the ushers don't need gobs of power and the BE-20's flat out rock but how much difference can cardas internal wiring make if the wires to the amps are run of the mill?
@steve59 I can’t speak on the Ushers, but the first room I had my C4’s in was approximately 11 x 13 and that room was way too small.  The room they’re in now is approximately 20 x 30 and they sound exponentially better.
Thanks for the reply.