Dynaudio C2 or S5.4 ?

I have choosing either C2 or S5.4. Any recommendations? Thanks !
I had picked this info up from a forum some time ago..Hope this helps..I personally haven't heard the C2's but do own a pair of S5.4's and like them alotI use them for 2channel only..I would like to get a set of C4's in the future..

04-26-08: Matteiser
Im a Dynaudio dealer so maybe I can offer a comparison as I listen to these on a daily basis.

The S5.4s are a true 3-way design utilizing the incredible Esotar2 tweeter. Very smooth and detailed and incredible bass output. These will play loud and not strain doing it. I usually represent it as an music lovers/reference home theater speaker.

The C2s are a step above in transparency top to bottom. I find the highs to have more extension, the mids to be more transparent and open, and the bass to be tight and responsive. It wont play as deep or loud as the 5.4s, but its a better music speaker IMO because of the increased resolution.

The C2s tend to disappear better than the 5.4s too. You can close your eyes and they transport you to the live event better. The Confidence line incorporates the DDC driver configuration which eliminates up to 70% of floor and ceiling reflections which can really help in some rooms. Though the drivers look similar, the Confidence drivers have a more robust motor structure, which coupled with the more exotic cabinet construction, contributes to an overall superior speaker.

However, both speakers are spectacular. Dynaudio uses very similar crossover points and driver technology between the lines so they all share the house sound. If you are building a reference 2-channel system, the C2s are better in my book. You might even consider the Sapphires which combine the transparency of the C2s with the low-end authority of the 5.4s.

Hope this helps.

audio architect
Great explanation Matt. I am a Dynaudio fan although I have only had personal experience with the Audience line - 52SE on Stand4 and the Sub20A. For the size & price I was truly amazed (have sold the 52SE - still have the Sub20A for sale). I replaced them with Sonus faber Auditor M w/stands and REL B2 - as with any upgrade monies had to be spent to get sonic improvement. I was looking closely at the Dynaudio S25 (yes, I found a NOS)and the S3.4. I ultimately chose the SF/REL combo.

The C2 or S5.4 would be a grat choice, whichever you decide upon. I love this hobby/disease.
IMO, the Confidence line is far superior.But saying that I would buy either C4s or C1s with sub.I dont like the 5.4s at all/too tubby for me.The C2s are nice but will need a sub so whats the point.Again a Dynaudio owners opinion only..
Many thanks for your quotes and opinion. Do you think S5.4 is for home theatre system while C2 is a truly reference 2 channel stereo loudspeakers?
I recently upped from the S3.4 to the C4. I mean the C4s are a lot better no doubt about it. The sound is just such a bigger deal through them, though the S3.4 is still a great sounding speaker. There is certainly a house sound to the Dynaudio speakers, I also have the Audience 42. If you don't have to huge a room then I would go for the C2, but if you do have a huge room and bass is your thing and you don't want to use a sub or upgrade later then go for the S5.4. I think you will be happy either way. If you got to hear them side by side my guess is you would go for the C2.
"Do you think S5.4 is for home theatre system while C2 is a truly reference 2 channel stereo loudspeakers?"
I never thought of it that way and Im sure those who own 5.4s would argue that but I tend to agree with that more than disagree if comparing the 5.4 to the confidence line.I auditioned the 5.4s a couple times and knew that wasnt the speaker for me.I run c4s and my room isnt large at all.Its well treated yes but large no way.The C4s sound so great in my room that I passed on a few deals to change.I still strongly suggest C1s with a nice sub over C2s,guessing about the same money.C2s on this site dont sell(unless its a giveaway),C1s are gone rather quickly..again my opion only
i would agree that the C2 is kind of the odd ball in the line. i think people want a full 3-way at its price, so go for the C4.

i have C1s and C4s are really too large aesthetically for my room, so have considered just adding sub to C1 vs. going for C2. cost is similar, so not a consideration.
How much is C2 in your countries? Hong Kong is selling about USD9000.
Ive seen C2s on this site at $5500.00 without takers
How about brandnew price of C2?
$13,000 USD
$13000 may be listed price. Do you know the discounted price?
I don't think any dealer is going to post a discounted price on any high end product on any forum. I would ask them in person with checkbook in hand when you are ready to buy as if I would when buying a car.

You seem to be the only one who has heard the 5.4. You say it is "tubby". Does that mean it has too much low end and not enough high end?
The only thing that would make the 5.4 "tubby" is too small an amplifier or the wrong room. The 5.4 is a three way speaker and needs a decent sized room to breath, the C-2 does not need as big of a room and is easier to integrate. Both are highly refined speakers but the C-2 is the more refined of the two, it gives up a little to the 5.4 in output but not too much.