Dynamic Speaker Cable?

Im looking for suggestions on speaker cables to add speed or dynamic? I hope Im using the correct terminology. I want to add a bit of seperation of instruments. Currently I have Transparent speaker cables and power cables. Straight wire for all the components. Mc 207, Mc C45, Marantz 9500. Feeding the 802n, htm2d, ds8 rears. I play alot of 80s-90s rock. But do listen Kenny G and other similar music when I feel like turning the volume down a lil. I know there is no science in this question just looking for suggestions from people that own or have owned similiar equipment and what they have liked.
Dragon audioquest speaker cable.
"Im looking for suggestions on speaker cables to add speed or dynamic? I hope Im using the correct terminology. I want to add a bit of seperation of instruments."

Cables cannot add anything positive; they can only detract if they are unsuitable. If you are looking for real improvements in these parameters, you should be looking at sources and acoustics.

My advise, FWIW: If your looking for speed, dynamic presentation, truth of timber and detail in a speaker cable at a reasonable price try the Analysis Plus Silver Ovals. I prefer the Oval Nines myself as the Nines are a tad less "bright" in its overall character. This is only my own humble opinion. (I'm using Atma-Sphere M 60's.) Your own listening with your own equipment will tell you what is best for you. You do have to listen for a period of time before making "rash" judgments, to let the cable settle in, however. Happy Listening. . .and Happy Holiday's!
I second the AP Silver Ovals.
Speed & dynamics all the way, especially in comparison with the Transparent cables. Just my opinion, of course.
I appreciate your oppinions. I needed somewhere to start. I could waste alot of time listening to cables that you agoners already know suck or are not what Im looking for. I will take all of your oppinions and give them a whirl.
I know that a cable will not add sound but anything to help emphasize dynamics a lil will put me on cloud 9. Thanks alot Ill add Analysis Plus Silver Ovals and dragon by audioquest to my list.
Virtual Dynamics - start with Masters.
In the right system, the Acoustic Zen Satori are very dynamic. The Stealth Premier also are very dynamic.
Check out www.fatwyre.com. The Cable Company will allow you to try different cables. Would like to suggest that you demo a PS Audio power plant and a DAC in your system.
I am using both along with Revelation Audio Lab cables on the MC 352 amp.
There was a recent shootout in one of the audio forums (sorry cannot remember). The Pure Note Paragon was on the very top as being highly resolute and dynamic without edgy mids and highs. I own the interconnects which are very good. My current speaker cables are Nordost SPM Ref. but may not be the most dynamic.
Wow this is the first time ive opened a forum and was able to get everyone that responded to give me there oppinion. I cant believe I do not have anyone cutting me down or critisize me or what the products Ive owned. Thanks all for your oppinions. I will call fatwyre and see if they can throw me a package with what you all have suggested.

Criticize your components? Nah, they are way more than is needed for KennyG. ;-)