Int. amp...most dynamic, full and smooth $3,000

Hi guys,

Any suggestions for int. amp under $3,000.00 (preferably new, but would consider used if easy to source). Speakers are easy to drive...6 ohms 90db. Room 11 x 13 x 9

Would like to get tubes this time around. Listen to Jazz - vocals and instrumentals. Amp must also do well in rock/pop music.

Have been recommended but not demo'd:

Manley Stingray
Unison Unico
Prima Luna Pro 2
Cayin or Melody
Odyssey Cyclops

Are the above what I am seeking in sound quality?

Please help.

I am a big fan of the Prima Luna Prologue Two. I use the Prologue Two in a secondary system and have paired it with a pair of high efficiency, single driver speakers (Omega Super 3). I find the sound to be very enjoyable and musical for all types of music. I wrote a review of the Prologue Two and posted it here in Agon . The Prima Luna has so impressed me, that I replaced the power amp in my main system with the Prologue Five.

Regards, Rich
I love the Conrad Johnson CAV50 and it fits you criteria very well.
For tube, I second the Prima Luna recommendation, and would add a couple others:

Musical Fidelity Nu Vista
Sim i-5
Plinius 9200
Pathos TT
Bel Canto Seti 40

I could go on, but that's a good start.

Have fun
One of my long time favorites which is able to be naturally musical or "just right" sounding, would be Aronov LS-960I. For rock and pop there is splendid bass reproduction that really shows the complexity of good acoustic or electric bass playing, as well as showing what a great drummer can accomplish.
Mine is currently used in similar sized room with Duntech monitors of similar specs. When the recording is dynamic you feel the energy fill the room, but when the expressive singer-songwriters do their thing the chills are there, too.
Would also give my nod to the PrologueII/Prima Luna.
The Cary SLI-80 Signature is stunningly good. Replaced my Pass X 2.5 Preamp and Pass X-250 Amp with it with no regrets. Highly recommended!