Duntech repairs?

Hello, I just acquired an early pair of Marquis. The previous owner says they are all original but one driver is clearly different. I contacted Duntech and they said they had NOS Vifa recone kits but did not give me pricing and would only recommended I sell the old Marquis and buy the new Marquis model from them when released. I have asked for information (removal proceedure) to verify drivers and repair/recone pricing three times but they have not responded. Any advice from vintage Duntech or Dunlavy owners?
I would check with Vifa or someone like Madisound. I wouldn't do any business with a company that didn't support their own products. There are several DYI audio forums that might help.
Thanks, do you know if the drivers Duntech used were actually vifa? I read that some early models used dyn drivers. I unscrewed the mounting ring to remove and inspect a driver but it didn't budge and I was afraid to force anything. It is my understanding that the vifas Duntech did use are no longer produced and that vifa is not the same company it once was. I agree, why would I buy new product from a company that does not honor thier legacy? I was floored by thier recommendation as I would never sell speakers with unmatched drivers. I am not familiar with Madisound, do you have any experience with them?

I sold a pair a while back to a buddy who refinished them. You are right the original Marquis (PLC) were fitted with Dynaudio drivers. If I remember right it cost him about $300 a driver and they were very difficult to get.

However if you can fine a new set those speaker rock. They were one of the most revealing life like speaker I've ever heard. They were designed by the late great Mr. Dunlavy…

Good luck.

Yes, Madisound has been in business for years, I just received a pair of Scanspeak tweeters from them today. Give them a call and see if they can help. I am not an expert on Duntech except to know that they were a respected brand.
Hi Sugarshed. I happily owned a pair of Duntech Princess speakers for 19 years. They remain one of the most musically satisfying speakers I know of.

I had to replace two woofers (yes, Dynaudio) in mine following a DC pulse from a misbehaving amp. That was several years ago and at that time Dynaudio would only sell replacements to manufacturers, not individuals. I tried Madisound since they once sold Dynaudio drivers but they could not help. Eventually I got assistance through a manufacturer friend and found original replacements. Perhaps stories like mine are why you found a Vifa in your Marquis? I understood all woofers in the Duntech Classic line (not for Dunlavy Audio) were Dynaudio but I can't be certain.

As for removing your woofer, they are installed with an adhesive as well as screws to ensure they remain air-tight. After removing all the screws, use a wide blade screwdriver or stiff putty knife blade and gently work your way around the basket rim (use a stiff, thin object underneath to avoid pry marks). Pry just a little at a time and move along a few inches. That should work the speaker loose.

I'm very disappointed to hear of your response from Duntech. I believe they have new owners and that is no way to carry on the original reputation for customer support.
Hello, thanks for the info and big thanks to Pryso for the removal instructions. You must know the speaker better than Duntech, which did respond after a 4th email but told me they should come right out unless the previous owner used adhesive for some reason. They also said the original drivers were Vifa (not Dyn) in this model. I will try the removal tomorrow and see what's what.
I would contact Bill LeGall at Millersound for his opinions;he is very highly regarded in the speaker repair industry and a nice guy to talk with.
Sugarshed, I'm not familiar with the Marquis but I assume it has 2 woofers per speaker in a D'Appolito array since John Dunlavy favored that design. I would examine the other three woofers to identify their brand and model number, then find a replacement based on that.

Duntech made a big deal over matching and measuring individual drivers and keeping that information on file. This would allow them to match any given driver if a replacement was necessary. I suspect, but am not certain, that crossovers were then tailored so that response measurements fell within their specs. Fortunately for you, this may be less important for a woofer than for a mid or tweeter.

So the point is, even without matching the original woofer for factory specs, a replacement should at least be the same brand and model as the original. Your odd matched woofer is likely compromising the potential sonics of a fine speaker.

From what I know, Millersound is as good as any speaker repair facility you can find. But I would not bother replacing the surround on one driver that didn't match the other three.
Thanks. Pryso, I completely agree. I pulled the drivers which appear to be the same except that one looks much older and possibly was not reconed (assuming the other three were) or was possibly a "used" replacement. The cone fabric and foam is different and the dust cap is smoother and less spherical than the others. There are no markings on the driver that I found other than a sticker (covering another identical sticker) which read "M21WN-09 08OHM711B". The sticker on the apparantly newer speaker read "M21WN-18 08OHM807". Can anyone decipher this?
I would send a note to both Madisound (since they previously sold Dynaudio) and Dynaudio, asking about the model numbers. The similarity of the numbers suggests they are all the same manufacturer.

If all else fails, you might contact Millersound, explain the situation, ask if he will evaluate all four woofers, and then rebuild as necessary to make two matched pairs.

This may all seem like a great deal of trouble but I suspect you will find it worthwhile once you have your speakers performing up to spec.
Apart from Millersound being able to repair the woofers, I know that Bill is a huge fan of Duntechs.

Since we've never talked about it beyond him consistently the speakers me, I'm not sure how deep and intimate his knowledge of the products are in reality. My guess would be he possesses it.
For the record the Duntech Marquis had Vifa Drivers. I had the original drivers and they were Vifa with the original foam surround that started deteriorating. I contacted Duntech and they sent replacement Vifa Drivers. This was some years ago and I believe they no longer have a supply of the replacements. The replacements were same paper cone material and size and specs but the casting on the baskets were substantially improved and the surrounds were rubber. It was huge improvement, but a lot of it probably came from the fact that the surrounds were rotting out on the old speakers. The bigger cousins from what I understand are Dynaudio.
send the woofers to Bill LeGall at Millersound in Pensylvenia actually send him all the drivers and he will work some magic on those things that you can't even imagine
I third Bill Legall,
I had a original pair of Duntech Princess speakers and after several years I sent them to Bill to refoam the surrounds of the bass drivers and he did a fantastic job and the speakers sounded great in every way. I had them for over 20 years and sold them a year ago.
You will not go wrong with letting Bill look at them.