Specs for Duntech/Dunlavy PCL-15s?


I am looking at purchasing a power amplifier to accompany my PCL-15's. One think I am unsure of are the specifications for these speakers i.e. max/recommended input/ohms etc.

Just wondering if anyone knows the specifications for these speakers?

Any help appreciated.

Ramilio, these were Duntech, not DAL models.

If you don't receive info from an owner here, you have two other options. Contact Duntech in Australia, although someone else posted disappointment from their contact saying no information forthcoming, only advice to buy new speakers. Company changed hands again about a year ago from those who took over when John Dunlavy returned to the US and started DAL.

Also, do a search here and on Speaker Asylum. Someone else ask about the PCL-15 a couple of years ago.

Good luck.
Here is some info from Audio Annual Directory 1992.Duntech Duchess PCL15 7" woofer,1" dome tweeter,70-20,000+-3db.Sen.83 DB 1 watt/1 meter,crossover 3.8k,imp 6 Ω min,6 Ω nom.Size 13x9x8,14lbs.The 90' issue states 50-20,000 without the +- DB.I don't know the accuracy,but I hope this helps.