Duelund hook up wires in a Sonus Faber Cremonas speakers??

Looking to replace my wires inside the Sonus Cremona speakers.   All scanspeaks drivers.   Please advise which hook up wires will work best.  

Duelund 26awg copper
Duelund 20awg stranded copper
Duelund 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 flat silver

which will work best in this application.  If any members can help out. 
Gannyring...All at 16ga or should i do the tweeter at 20ga, mids at 16ga and woofers at 12ga.  What's your take on this?. Do you recommend stranded or solid core copper?

Duelund stranded, tinned, in oil impregnated cotton as sold at Parts Connextion. Great on highs and mids. I think it is also great on the woofers. I don't like the 20ga as much on the highs and mids and like the slightly fuller and warmer sound of the 16ga. 

The 12ga would also be great on the woofers.
Agree w/grannyring - for me the sound is more cohesive when they are all the same, but not everyone agrees.
If i want to do a 12ft main speaker wires, should i also do the tinned copper stranded 16ga?   Or do you recommend the bigger 12ga for main speaker cables.    With tube amp, should i stick with the smaller value?  I will be driving the Cremonas with my vac 30/30 push and pull triode amp.  Please advise? 

Nice! The the 16ga makes wonderful speaker cable.....wonderful. Do not terminate and use the bare wire on both ends for best sound. Very lively and open.  No need for the 12ga.  

However I must tell you if you want to try the cable that the Duelund was fashioned after, then I have a great option to consider. I use it for speaker cable and like it as much as the Duelund 16ga. It is a warmer, more full bodied cable. If you like that, then consider this NOS Western Electric wire. It comes in twisted pairs so you order 12 feet total per side. Under $100 for your set! 


To recap the Duelund 16ga is more lively and resolving while the WE10 is more full bodied and relaxed. 

The Duelund wires are cheap and easy to work with so it certainly makes sense to try them.  But don't throw away your old wires.  After several weeks with the Duelunds you may be curious what the original wires sounded like so be sure to keep them.  For what it's worth, some of us who have tried Duelund wire and Western Electric were not so happy with the sound quality.  I realize there are many users who do like them but not everybody does.  In my opinion, a far better sounding wire for internal wiring is Audio Note Lexus copper Litz speaker cable.  It's not too expensive considering the fairly short lengths needed for internal wiring, but you need a solder pot to strip the enamel off the individual wires.  It's pretty easy with a solder pot but obviously more complicated than just stripping the ends off Duelund or WE wire.  The payback though is considerably more musical detail than Duelund or WE.
Salectric seems to be a lone decenter and I am not sure what it is about his rig and room, but I do trust what he says in terms of performance in his system. So many Aphiles are selling off big dollar stuff for this wire. Just this week I emailed two well seasoned aphiles and music lovers selling off $2000 worth of used cables each.  They also love the Duelund wire. Jim Smith and Jeff Day are two very well respected and experienced music lovers who have listening to all manner of wire and they both think the Duelund wire is very, very special  

No cable will ever impress all due to system synergy and this I have learned over the years. The Duelund wire seems to enjoy wide scale acceptance, but even it will not work in all systems and all ears.

I can’t say I have ever read of the cable sounding poor? The cables are so affordable and a real opportunity for many with limited or limitless budgets. 
No, I am not the lone dissenter.  Of the people I know or correspond with, everybody who tried WE or Duelunds as speaker cable (or internal wiring) concluded their other wires sound better.  These other people are not active on the audio forums though.  The only reason I keep posting on this topic is to alert readers like the OP that there are dissenting views.  Not everybody who has tried these wires likes them.  It's as simple as that.  
@salectric awesome system and I hear you there are tons of folks out there who never post on online forums with great ears. And just in general everyone has different systems and different ears, I am sure the Duelands are excellent cables and a great value, just a better fit for some than others.
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Agreed jond. Salectric has built a great system and I value his opinion. I value his opinion so much I am a tad confused how the Duelund wire was not at least pleasing to him. Goes back to system synergy for sure. 
Thanks guys but I am not looking for compliments.  I just wanted to provide a little balance, that's all.
@salectric understood just checked your system out and was blown away. And jealous of your Deja Vu speakers I am a customer and big fan but the speakers are to big for my budget and my room!
Thanks all for your recommendation!

I was just curious?   Any members try the duelund foil 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0 flat silver wires?  Can it be use as main speaker wires?? Please advise?? 
Grannyring... on main speaker cables, each channel single run of the 16ga stranded tinned copper or you recommend 3 runs per channel.  
I need 12ft long from amp to speaker.  What is your suggestion?? 

Im now using the Duelund Silver foil 2.0 & 3.0 from xover to tweeter and 8in mid woofer, 12 g silver tinned copper from binding posts to xover. Previously running the Mundorf Silver / Gold. Has mentioned in previous post from other members the Mundorf emphasis the mid and upper frequencies while the Dueling is coherent from top to bottom, fantastic soundstage, tonal balance. Just sounds natural.