In the process of downsizing my audio gear. Just don't have the room for the big speakers and rack system anymore.
I've never sold anything on Audiogon before so unsure of the process and the in's and out's. Done some searching, but nothing found to answer all my questions. Maybe you can help? I've sold items on eBay before, but nothing this large. And I figure this would be a better place to sell.
1. I see listings state, "Paypal add anywhere from 2% to 6%". Why is there such a wide range? Is it a higher percentage cost for higher priced item? Does Paypal charge to transfer money?
2. I have some large, heavy items, McIntosh MC-402 & a pair of B&W N802's. The Post Office won't pick these up. Suggestions on companies to use? I do have the original boxes.
3. Returns. I see a lot of postings that don't take returns. Is this a normal practice? Spending this amount of money, to me anyway, I think returns are only fair.
4. I see people rating their equipment, "*/10". Is there a guide for this or is it subjective? Difference between 7/10 or 8/10?
5. Anything else I'm missing?

 Thanks, appreciate your comments.
Audiogon is by far the best and secure place to sell high priced electronics. I would suggest to do a ‘test’ listing so you can see the plethora of options associated with a listing and selling fees. I would also suggest to reach out to Audiogon support for any assistance.

1. PayPal charges 2.9% plus $0.30 for any domestic sale regardless of the sale price. Anyone asking for more than this for domestic sale is simply ‘padding’ their profit. The Paypal fees varies for international sales, I suggest you should visit their site for more info.

2. I wouldn’t ship Electronics or Speakers via USPS. Please use FedEx or UPS and insure the item for full sale price. FedEx charges $1 for every $100 to insure a item. I would encourage local sale to avoid possible shipping damages especially to your speakers.

3. Returns. Most sellers do not offer returns. You’re selling used items, people searching for brand name items like yours are well versed with this type of gear and their sound. Since you’re new here (no feedback) some buyers may be reluctant to buy from you. As long as you guarantee the items against DOA, you shouldn’t have any issues selling your items. I would target buyers with good feedback ratings and stick to your will come across plenty of low ballers.

4. Audiogon has a rating scale, be conservative and rate your items as honestly as possible to avoid buyer’s remorse. Difference between 7/10 or 8/10? -
7/10: Good - 1 or 2 minor scratches, looks used but well maintained.
8/10: Very good - Perfect front face, 1 minor flaw on top or side is acceptable.

5. Search for items selling history so you can set your asking price appropriately.

And lastly, make sure to select shipping option ‘Specify after sale’ so you can accurately quote/ collect actual shipping cost based on buyer zip code.

Hope this helps and good luck!
@giglr  If I can answer some more questions for you about Audiogon, feel free to email me at [email protected], Attention: Tammy
I see listings state, "Paypal add anywhere from 2% to 6%". Why is there such a wide range? Is it a higher percentage cost for higher priced item?
Paypal charges from 4% to 6% if people are from europe or other countriesPaypal charges my transaction 5%.So i try to avoid ebay 10% and paypal 5% :) It is a lot of money