Five year plan: downsizing

OK, I know I need to sort out decades of collecting and keep only the best.  Which would you use?   Dynaco Mk 3 w preamp, Fisher 400, or Fisher x 101B. Note these all have premium tube mostly OEM and are 110%

Tuner: keep the Richard Modifierri rebuilt Fisher 1000 or the Radio X built Sansui TU X1 ?     I will keep the Merrill Heirloom table. No reason to have any of my tape units. I  have a good streamer. Oh, wyred4sound dac or the Parasound 2000.

Speakers: we must go with AR 1 and AR 3 ST supertweeters. 
So which amplifier set up with which tuner and what dac?   

Thanks for your review.

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I have no answers, but it seems like an interesting enterprise. I’d like to set up my Marantz 18 receiver and AR 3a speakers if I had the space. You might like an Ayre QB-9 DSD or QB-9 Twenty DAC from the used market.  I have two setups that use Ayre gear, and I really like the sound.

I hate being the guy that is contrary. You have collected some nice vintage gear but pick what YOU want to keep, sell the rest, and buy a modern tube integrated and a very good pair of loudspeakers and really move up a couple of steps. 

Hhhmm . Derail my thought train. Just because I'm vintage doesn't mean my audioware has to be old too. I do love the AR 1 but a modern tube unit would go well with it.  I know my AR 9 can't go with me...Yes, thanks for the contrarian in you and now I'm out of the box.  Happy 2022


I do love the AR 1 but a modern tube unit would go well with it.

I'm guessing you are not talking about the 1954 AR-1?

I don’t understand how we could be of any help. It is your ears and values in sound.  I would get rid of it all and get contemporary equipment. If retiring, a Audio Research VSI75 integrated amp and speakers dependent on the target room. 

I bought 3 tuners in Oct 2021. I listen to all 3 almost every day since I got them. I have an incredible local station. That station broadcasts on HD radio and on the internet. They both sound like crap. My FM over the airwaves sounds much better on all 3 tuners.

I have 2 vintage tuners that sound great, a Sansui T9900 and Accuphase T-101. Both have been recently cleaned up by some master techs.

My advice is to keep the best vintage tuner.



downsize to: sources + 2 pieces + speakers.

get thee a McIntosh mx110z, a wonderful tube tuner/preamp.

have seller ship it directly to Audio Classics for a once over including new gold plated rca jack panels, then to you.

Modafferi said there was NOTHING he could/would do to the wonderful tuner in mx110z.

next, as suggested, a new integrated amp, with some remote features. one that has pre-in and a few other inputs.

that way, some source can go direct to new integrated, mx110z off. other sources thru mx110z,

mx110z to integrated either via pre-in (preamp controls volume manually) or any input (integrated controls volume remotely).

mx110z gives you it’s terrific mode switch, has built in optional loudness for low volume listening, and two wonderful sounding MM phono.

If mine died or was stolen, I would replace mine in a heartbeat with no alternate consideration!


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Why keep any tuner? For what?

Tsk tsk. Kids these days... LOL