Giving real serious thought to downsizing.

Currently running

Simaudio 390 preamp
Simaudio 330A

Giving serious thought to Raven Blackhawk or Simaudio Neo Ace.

I have the Raven CeLest Towers and love them.

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I live down the street from James.

Just sent a deposit they are running 45 to 60 days out due to CV19.

i also have their speakers and cables.

I hope you know what this means: Review! System pics!😁
I just last week demo'd the 240i in my system & I was not impressed,matter of fact my Cayin pretty much rubbed it's face in the dirt in every aspect...
I just picked up a used Simaudio 600i for about what you'd spend on the pieces you mentioned if you buy them new.  I'm not sure how it compares to the separates you have now, but I'm very happy with it.  They pop up here from time to time and don't seem to last very long when they do.
Going placed my order for the Blackhawk from Raven Audio.