Do these woofers look right on these Dunlavys IVA's?

Looking at getting these speakers but in the close up showing the woofers they look very frayed- should they look this way or are they on their way out- thks for the advice- here is the link on audiogon-

Ever seen textured, "hand-laid" paper?  This is driver cone material equivalent.  You're fine.
Go in and offer $1,800 cash. When he says no head out. He will take it.
$10 says I'm right. Anybody?
I have the Dunlavy IVs and they have the same appearance and are amazing in the application I'm using them for. My woofers seem somewhat shinier though. Makes we wonder if they have some dust on them.
You have IV's which came originally with Morel woofers and then there was a running change to the Vifa drivers. The IVa was an update that required a model change because of the Scanspeak drivers and the required crossover changes. The first 2 woofer sets were shiny the 3rd was not. Tom
thks guys- I was thinking $1800 also is the right price but he is asking $3000 so doubt he would accept that low an offer?? after thinking about it I do not think I would go over around $1800-