Do these woofers look right on these Dunlavys IVA's?

Looking at getting these speakers but in the close up showing the woofers they look very frayed- should they look this way or are they on their way out- thks for the advice- here is the link on audiogon-

All that I am seeing on the driver cones is what is called doping. There is nothing wrong with the cone. The surrounds, is that what you are referring to? Hard to tell by the pics.
Is your question regarding the cone material? I have no prior experience with this type, but all looks consistent to me. Seller states 9/10 condition, one transaction which appears to have a neutral feedback. Try sending the seller a question. 
Those are drivers by Scanspeak and as 4krowme stated they have a doped cone.
What you see came from the factory as designed. Tom

Here’s a link to images of many IV & IVAs. I don’t see any doped woofers. Dunlavey could have started using them towards the end of production, however. Also, these may be replacements.

Nothing at all wrong with them!  I missed a pair an hour away from me for $800.  They sold in 8 hours... I just couldn’t figure out a way to get them home, or in my listening room.

They’re quite impressive speakers.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with them!
Yep, look fine.  Fritz uses a current version of them.

The random, non factory look of them actually contributes to reducing resonance modes that occur in the cone itself.
Dunlavy on the model  4s had 3 different versions. The big changes were changing the woofers from Morel to Seas to Scanspeak.  The Scanspeak required changes to the crossover and probably to the damping to maintain the Q that John preferred.  Along the way Dunlavy sent me 2 new sets of midranges that looked identical but sounded slightly better to my ear. Tom

I believe Tom may have this correct.  I owned a pair of Duntech Princesses which were the older sibling to the DAL IV/IVA.  Mine came with Scanspeak woofers but when the DALs were introduced they did not.  I assumed John changed to a less expensive drivers.  If he did change back to Scanspeak woofers near the end of their production then I expect those may offer somewhat better bass.

If you are close enough to pick these up then an audition should put your mind at ease.  I think all of Dunlavy's designs were very good if not exceptional.
Those are diffuser cones................kidding. I actually saw these and wondered the same thing so thanks for asking the question. I have no interest i these so good luck!
Ever seen textured, "hand-laid" paper?  This is driver cone material equivalent.  You're fine.
Go in and offer $1,800 cash. When he says no head out. He will take it.
$10 says I'm right. Anybody?
I have the Dunlavy IVs and they have the same appearance and are amazing in the application I'm using them for. My woofers seem somewhat shinier though. Makes we wonder if they have some dust on them.
You have IV's which came originally with Morel woofers and then there was a running change to the Vifa drivers. The IVa was an update that required a model change because of the Scanspeak drivers and the required crossover changes. The first 2 woofer sets were shiny the 3rd was not. Tom
thks guys- I was thinking $1800 also is the right price but he is asking $3000 so doubt he would accept that low an offer?? after thinking about it I do not think I would go over around $1800- 
I'm not sure what you're looking at but I zoomed in on quite a few of the photos in your link and at least half of them had doped woofers. Time for a trip to the eye doctor?
Jose, they were good enough for me to keep them for 19 years, way longer than any other component I've owned.  I only sold them because I knew I would be moving plus a very good buyer happened along. 
@pryso. I'm looking to upgrade.  I'm not sure where to start.

I also have a pair of MBL 111F; I enjoy their speed and focus, however,  they lack the mid range magic of the Duntech.

I was thinking of auditioning some Rockport  or Magico.