Do re -wired BI wired speaker cables need break in time ?

I have a pair of Cardas Clear Beyond speaker cables that were single wired and I had them sent to Cardas to be internally bi-wired. I just got them back on Friday afternoon and they sound dead and muffled and not what they sounded like before. I can't call Cardas today, but if they went from single to b-wired internally do they need to be broken in - all over again ?  Love these cable and it initially took a long time to break them in . Your thoughts and thank you in advance.  
Yes, I believe that just about any cable will benefit from some break in time, despite being broken in.

How long?
It depends.
I say let them run for a while using moderate levels of music and let nature take its' course.

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My apology fellow members as I should have listed this under cables. My mistake..... 
I remember hearing or reading years ago, that George Cardas had stated that anytime you move or re-position a cable, it will need some time to "settle in". I took that to mean a break in period, I would guess it would not be as long as when new, but let them play for a few hours and listen for any improvement.
The new bi-wiring setup has new connectors---spades or bananas---and they need to break in before you can evaluate the sound quality.  When I change spades, I allow them to break in for 40 hours or so before listening.
Let them settle for at least six days they need burn in .
Let them settle for at least six days they need burn in .
Jayctoy  - why 6 days ? Just curious as to that number - but thank you for responding to my inquiry.
40-50 hours break in period needed at least,  Lately I bought used bi wire links and it sounded great from the beginning because my dealer used them regulary for demo sessions. 
@garebear , maybe the 7th day is for rest. ;)
3 years, 184 days, 9 hours and 12 seconds. You'll hear it.