Do all sunfire subs hum and pop?

I have a sunfire super junior that almost constantly hums and on occassion makes odd pop or ckicking sounds. I have witnessed anothere that had the same hum. Its sounds like the same hum that comes from my cieling fans or low voltage lighting. Obvious I suspect the power. I've tried the Monster HTS 5000. Didnt help. Before I spend more money I thought I'd put out some feelers. Any help would be appriciated. Everything else seems to be fine except a hum bar that runs from left too right only when watching DVD's. Sorry if this is a redundant topic. Thanks for any help.
Two of my Sunfire subs hum very slightly. One hums when I turn on one of my outside flood lights. Since I don't use the outside flood that much, this isn't a real problem. The other is part of my home theater system, and it sometimes starts humming when I'm playing a DVD. Obviously, this is undesirable. Fortunately, I can make the humming stop by flipping a particular light switch on, then off, but the hum sometimes restarts in 10 or 15 minutes (so I have to flip the switch again).

I'm not sure why the hum happens, but I attribute it more to bad light switches than a fundamental problem with the subs. If it really bothered me, I would replace the light switches. (Not there yet, though.)

One of my subs pops sometimes when it turns itself off or on. It's a small pop, but audible. Since it happens only once per listening session, I ignore it. If I wanted a really clean listening session, I would start up some material, have the sub pop itself on, then begin playing my material for serious listening after that. Good luck.
A friend's 2-3 year old Signature would start to hum after being on for awhile. Same with the rep's Signature. Both went back to the factory for upfit and now no more hum.
I had a HSU sub do the same thing. After talking with Dr. Hsu, I went to homedepo and bought a jack that elimanates the ground on the plug. That did the trick. And it only cost $1.50.
Hum is not good. I have a Sunfire Architectural. Dead quiet. Little pop when it goes on. Very little pop. A cheater plug may eliminate that hum.
Call Sunfire and send it back. They usually upgrade for free. You pay the shipping only. That's why I got rid of mine!
I've tried the whole ground lift thing. Its been sent back once 'cause it stoped working completly. When I got it back the work order looked like they replaced everything but the outside cabinet at no charge. It never pops when it auto turns on but if I plug/unplug it from power it pops pretty nasty. So much that I cant even use the power switching on the Monster 5000.
My first HT I had two sunfire subs and they both hummed and popped. Then I went to RELs, no problem. A few years later I bought two more sunfire subs, more hums and pops. Took them back and got Paradigm, no hums or pops. So, I think it is a design flaw.
yeah i agree with the consensus, i had a true sub mkiv, and it hummed and popped, and about drove me crazy, i got rid of it, and bought a different sub that is completely quiet
My Sunfire sub s dead quiet, always has been. It sounds like an electrical problem within your home. Cheers,
I suspect the digital amp in the sub is malfunctioning. Get it checked out.
get a 3 prong female with a two prong male and then plug the sub into that adaptor which is easily available - the hum will definetly stop!
I have a sunfire MarkII and have never heard any humming. It does pop when turning itself on or off but ill deal with that for the serious bass it pushes out.