Distance from the front wall for magnepan mg 20.7

Would like to call out any maggie 20 series owners on how you have positioned your speakers from the front wall? Mine is 6.5feet out and 7 feet apart in my 17.5ft x 27ft room. Im sitting 11.5 ft away from the speakers. Ceiling height 8.5ft. Would like to maximize bass output without sacrificing imaging and depth. Have experimented a lot but would like to hear on actual user experiences.

I have read the cardas room placement suggestions and other basic positioning.

Also does the maggies prefer a dead silent front wall, diffused/absorbent combo or just do minimal damping?

Thanks for the replies...
If you really want deep bass you will need to add a subwoofer to the system. Your current positioning would seem to be pretty good for achieving a deep and wide soundstage. You might consider moving the speakers another foot or so apart with a bit of toe-in.

Try something like a Velodyne Optimum or DD+ subwoofer with built-in room correction in order to get the last octave of low end performance....
If you add a sub woofer you will screw up bass imaging and depth!

You should be able to get flat bass response to 25 Hz, if you know what you are doing.

There is next to nothing below below 25 Hz musically!
I've found that an almost equilateral triangle works best for soundstage accuracy.

Which way you have them firing in your room will depend whether you have them too far out or not far enough.
I would say you should go away from front wall minimum 1/3 of the length of the room for best sonic results. This valid for all dipole speakers. At advised speaker position everything in sound became settled. It is also good to know that 'all kind of wires' in system are from then on not any more major issue. Sub is not needed.



Would not want to integrate a sub, wouldn'nt want to screw up the panel bass, would just like to maximize the speakers bass without the subwoofer. I have tried it with subwoofers, it helped th bass area, but 80% of the time i like it without any sub, have tried tons of sub and was never really convinced except with electronic and bass heavy music. But for most of my listening (90%) of the time i dont want the sub. I have it facing the long wall of a 27ft long room.