blowing 3.6 magnepan fuse

i just recently moved up from 1.6 to 3.6 magnepans, ikeep blowing the 4 amp mid fuse?? have the same setup with the 1.6(audio research pre amp, parasound 3500 amp,jlti pre phono,rega p3 turntable,and taralabs bi-wired to the speakers..any ideas out there?? maybe i hooked something up wrong...thnx
Unplug everything and then reconnect.
Suggest going to the Audiio Asylum magnepan asylum and repost your question over thier, ALL the Magnepan folks are thier and can help you out
audioasylum dot com (I do not want to post an actual link)
and on main page go to "planars/statics/ribbons" page
thanx elizabeth...i will try that