Just received shipment of my Magnepan LRS’s

Yesterday I took delivery of my Magnepan LRS’s. I am powering them with a Rogue Audio Sphinx 2 through Stealth Audio MLT speaker cables. Sources are a Rega RP6 and an Oppo BDP 105. I know that these speakers have a long way to go to break in, but what great soundstaging, decay, depth and lifelike imaging. Can’t wait to see how they are doing in 6 months. This is my 3rd set of Maggies and I am tickled to have their sound back in my home.
Hi thomas,
That's good news! I've read a LOT of good reviews on the LRS's.
Have a great time! 
I like your setup; I'll bet it sounds NICE.
I am interested in how the LRSs compare to the Magnepans you used in the past. What were they?  Like many I started with MMGs and moved up to 1.7s.  My Son uses the MMGs now.
Thank you. Already are acquitting themselves amazingly well. 
I started with MG 2B’s powered by CJ P-V and MB75 tubed electronics, and a Rega Planar 3 table in 1980. Later. I got 1.6 R’s powered by AR electronics and a Basis table. These LRS are clearer and better imaging than either of my previous Maggies. I have a Goldenear Forcefield sub that I will try to integrate with them to take the burden off the woofer panel and add to the bass punch which, by the way, is pretty durn good already. Thanks for asking. 

I received mine a few days ago. I would say at the price point it is the best choice if you are willing to spend the money on amplification. They are pushing my McIntosh Mc452 fairly hard. 

That’s quite a powerhouse to be pushing them. Can imagine the sound is in line with the current! Nice pairing.
I am running mine with a Parasound Halo integrated which is doing nicely. Definition, detail and imaging like I've never heard from a Maggie before. Really enjoying mine.
Excellent match. If I sell my Rogue, I may be looking at their integrated amp. Enjoy your listening. 
The frequency response is 50hz, but not sure if that is down 3db or down 6db. 

If anyone gets a chance to play a 40hz test tone I’m curious if there is much output. Since there is no port I’m guessing they don’t roll off real fast. 
I have MG12's on Sound Anchor stands and the LRS (sitting on shag carpet) still blows it away in definition, detail and imaging. In fact I can not think of any way the LRS is not better. The MG12 sounds tubby in the bass and splashy in the highs in comparison.
Glad you have both! I think Wendell D. did some magic this time, along with Magnepan R&D. There is something going on here that hasn’t happened with Maggies in my audio space before!
I have MG12's on Sound Anchor stands and the LRS (sitting on shag carpet) still blows it away in definition, detail and imaging.

Now get some Sound Anchors for your LRSs and you'll have the best of both worlds. They do make a tremendous difference.
It’s now been 3 weeks since delivery, they are breaking in nicely, and I have added back ion my Goldenear Force 4 subwoofer. The LRS’s themselves are head and shoulders better than my old MG II B’s, and my old 1.6.R’s. With the Goldenear gently augmenting the Maggies my frequency analyzer shows I have a competent full range system with a few dips, but I am ecstatic at the reproduction. ‘Twas nice to see the LRS’s on the cover of the new Stereophile, but the fold-out didn’t do her panels justice (kidding). I am back in love with Maggies and their magic. They are an amazing match for my Rogue Sphinx II integrated and Stealth speaker cables.
Got mine mid-June. easy set up. Using the same stuff that ran my 1d's decades ago. apt Holman pre and Carver m400t with old passive m&k sub. can't imagine better sound but each day the surprise me. They are disappearing and the sound is ever more enveloping. Glad I did not buy all the recommended Schiit products. This is perfect.
Magnepan LRS is ON THE COVER of August Stereophile...Review includes measurements
I thought Magnepan and Stereophile didnt get along. Or I should say I didnt think they trusted Atkinson to give them a fair shake as incapable as he seems to be regarding understanding the limitations of his measurements. Not that they need an endorsement from Stereophile. 
I haven't read the article but someone who had said 81 dB efficiency vs. posted 86 dB?  Also something about a big frequency dip? 
How here comes the conundrum-tweeter on the outside or inside? I  have had them set up for three weeks with them on the outside. I liked the bass balance and depth on the soundstage. Moved them to the inside and both my wife and I feel like there is some giving up of depth and a tad more brightness (paradoxical). What have been your experiences and preferences??? 
FYI- I ordered mine near the end of May, and they have not shipped.  The 3-4 weeks will be 8 weeks on Tuesday......
You may not have noticed, but people on multiple forums are saying it’s at least a 2 month wait. I contacted Magnepan about a month ago asking what kind of wait to expect(told them I’d be looking to buy later in the fall), and was told 5 to 8 weeks. Perhaps some circumstances have delayed this even more.  I've decided not to buy because of the low efficiency. 

To be fair to Magnepan: when you have a huge demand like this it’s difficult to put an accurate number on a wait time. Parts and materials need to be ordered more frequently, and suppliers may or may not be able to meet the new demand.

I’ve seen some Magnepan customers getting bitter over this, and the truth is it’s just the nature of the beast with a smaller company like Magnepan.
Yes,  I understand.  The people I have talked to on the phone and via email have been great.  They indicated that while production is hopping, they know that it would be an irresponsible long term business decision to expand production/hiring right now.  Apparently, they understand the demand is temporary.  As a business owner, I get it.  So I have no problem waiting. Patience is a virtue.  I view it as kind of like looking for a specific product on the used market.  It just takes time, but worth it in the end.