Discwasher Direction

Silly question probably but my discwasher brush has an arrow on it which leads me to believe that it is most effective directionally. However, I have been unable to ascertain whether the arrow should point in the direction of record rotation or against it? Is there a proper way?



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Position it so that the open end of the Dishwasher is pointed toward the spindle.

@mmount --Advice above is wrong and opposite of what you dol   The instruction manual is online.  Fluid goes on the arrow edge then, if record is rotating place leading edge (arrow) facing against record rotation so fluid is spread, then gradually rotate the brush to the dry part.  if you use it off the turntable same principle.  And yes, the brush is intended to be directional just like similar fabric lint brushes.  I recommend you clean on the turntable but without record rotating--rotate the record manually, clockwise (as it would rotate if running)--that way you don't risk burning up your motor

Just saw there was an intervening response which is correct by kingharold.  The post that was wrong was from johnto