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How to isolate turntable from footstep shake or vibration
Miller Carbon wrote, " Mass will solve most problems, if you can get enough of it. That's the trick. Fortunately mass is dirt cheap. Literally: one or two 50 lb bags of play sand, in a box several inches deep, put a piece of MDF or butcher bloc... 
Recapturing my youth
When I was in my twenties I lusted for a pair of Klipschorns.  When I was in my fifties I bought a pair to use the bass horns as part of a DIY fully horn loaded system I was putting together.  Needless to say I listened to the Khorns full range to... 
Average Price Spent for Speakers
My DIY fully horn loaded triamplified speakers cost for parts and materials (exclusives of amps, but including DEQX DSP ) ran about $17,000 fifteen years ago. 
This is the list of the best makers of audio equipment. Respond if you disagree
What are Your Favorite Tweeters?
New Arm or New TT and arm?
Who Else Has a Collection of 78 RPM Records?
New Arm or New TT and arm?
New Arm or New TT and arm?
Proportion of expenses
brf1 wrote, " Front end - house mortgageApplication - Midsize CarSpeakers - Children’s college education "Very funny comment.  Reminds me of an old Rodriguez cartoon in Stereo Review in which an audiophile husband is saying to his wife,  "Yes dea... 
Am I crazy? Definitely!
how can low watt tube amps drive speakers with higher power requirements
An inadequate amplifier is easily driven into clipping and the clipped output of an amplifier includes excessive high frequency distortion energy.  It is the clipped output that is the tweeter killer.  For that reason low powered amps lacking soft... 
Does anyone play two pairs of speakers at the same time?
Like the hippies used to say, "if it feels good do it."  Note: that doesn't apply to scratching mosquito bites.  But as for me I prefer a single pair of the best speakers I can build. 
Fleetwood Sound Company - DeVille Loudspeaker.
I don't know how the Oswald Mill Ironic sounds, but they absolutely corner the market on ugly. 
Why so few speakers with Passive Radiators?
audioman581 wrote:  " Mainly seen in horn drivers, big woofers Klipsch comes to mind .Not very accurate that is why most don't use them ."I don't understand this post.  I use horn sub woofers and I consider them the best, most articulate bass of a...