Discrete R2R Ladder dac from Soekris, Absolute Sounds review.

Very affordable highly regarded discrete R2R dac from the Dutch. The few that own them here and elsewhere are over joyed at the sound that these dacs can make, and Soren Kristensen is held in very high regard as a digital designer.


Cheers George
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What are we buying in that it weights only 1.5 KG?

Don't things like heavy duty supplies, etc. matter in DACs or does this start to get into the law of diminishing returns as you pay for big power supplies, etc.?

Just asking as I like my Theta ProBasic III, which weighs in at 25 plus pounds; but keep wondering what I might be missing by not trying a light weight DAC.

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These are not mega dollar units, and are "discrete R2R", yet they're getting the reputation as being giant killers, that why I said "very affordable" at $899, see if you can find a discrete R2R dac at or near that price??
And the reviewer put it up against far more expensive units at twice the price. 

Cheers George
They're Danish, not Dutch.
The Link is to a Page that has a lot on exchanges about a Soekris DAC,
that was purchased as a device to further a Long Time User Vinyl Enthusiasts experience of using a DAC as part of a Source in their system.

The Thread is compiled of responses from a Group of individuals,
where some of the responses are from a few who have Numerous Years of Combined Experience in their Enthusiasm for HiFi. 

The Purchaser of the Soekris does manage to elevate the Device,
offering a good appraisal.