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R2R Dac choices.
Find an old Theta ProBasic III 
Theta Data Basic cd transport help
Hi harnellt,Did you ever get any resolution for the problem with the Theta data basic transport? I am looking at a similar transport and wondered how things went for you.Thanks for listening,Dsper 
Difference Between DAC Types
I would agree with Elizabeth that it is a personal choice.Different speakers may impact how DACs sound to you.Thanks for listening,Dsper 
Question About Audio Research Preamp Specs
Hi All,For those that might care, I followed up with Conrad Johnson regarding adjusting the output capacitors in my 17LS2 preamp. The technical person I spoke to understood immediately what I was requesting. Unfortunately, they explained that ther... 
Lumin Without DAC
Hi sfseay,That is good to hear.Is it more involved than simply connecting it and then playing it?Thanks, Scott 
Vindication at Last!
New York Times and not New Yorke Times  
Question About Audio Research Preamp Specs
Atmosphere," But obviously the Aesthetix faces the same issue of what is the lowest impedance it can actually drive actually; this information does not show up in their specs or operating manual."I do not understand technically why a particular p... 
Question About Audio Research Preamp Specs
georgehifi,"Great idea, tell them you want the "uF" of coupling cap increased so you can have "little or no" rolloff above 20hz into your amps 10kohm input impedance."georgehifi, You certainly have given me some discussion points with CJ and what ... 
Question About Audio Research Preamp Specs
Well now.I like the sound of the CJ pre except for the slight LF rolloff due to the impedance issue.Maybe I should call CJ and ask them if they can adjust the caps on the 17LS2. Or look into the ET5 which has a lower out impedance. Thanks for list... 
Question About Audio Research Preamp Specs
Hi All, Thanks for the responses.I have a CJ 17LS2 that bumps up close to the 10X rule with the DNA-500 and I can hear the LF rolloff compared to other preamps.Knowing that AR really wants 20K, I will look elsewhere.Dsper 
Ever Bought an Audio Product that was Stupid Good for the Money?
Original Large AdventsMcCormack DNA-500 
Relaxed, musical DAC around 2k used?
blorp, Try a used Hegel Dac or an old Theta Dac if you can find one.Both of these eased a tendency towards a hot treble in my Thiel CS5's without losing detail.Thanks for listening,Dsper 
It's time to replace my 2009 factory-modded Wadia S7i with a current R2R DAC.
John,I may not be on point here, but I had a Hegel HD20 DAC and moved to an old Theta Pro Basic 3 R2R ladder for $500.The Theta gives a lot of detail and is the best DAC I have had in my system.Thanks for listening,Dsper 
Hegel Mohican vs. Bryston BCD-3
twoleftears,FWIW, I have listened to a Bryston BCD2 and Hegel HD20 in my system.The Bryston CD player sounded analytical, almost strident, in the highs. In comparison, the Hegel DAC was much smoother and natural sounding in my opinion.My system at... 
Hegel Mohican vs. Bryston BCD-3
audiotroy,"You should look for a player with a computer rom based mechanisim as the computer industry is still using CD Rom drives as an option for some machines".So can you name some CD players and/or transports that are cd rom based?Dsper