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Better CD Sound: The Search
I received my Pro-Ject CD BOX RS2 transport today @charles1dad  Hey charles1dad, have you possibly reinserted your old PWT into your system to "reconfirm" how much better thd new Pro-ject sounds?   I am interested in any new comparison detail... 
DAC That Punches Above Its Price Point
I personally own a Chord QBD76 and have no urge to replace it with anything else since it sounds splendid in my system, for the money. I may be setting up another system and was wondering if there is a DAC in the lower price bracket that punches ... 
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
John Moreland "Big Bad Luv". The guy can write an emotional song.  
May as well call this...
Why would pics of some thing help us to understand how it sounds?  
Thiel Owners
@tomthiel dsper - "I'll chime in regarding spikes and outriggers....I appreciate the response. Even with their weight, the CS5i's can almost seem a bit tipsy so I could understand outriggers providing more geometric support. How the sound could im... 
Thiel Owners
@sdl4 "You asked about the basic system components..."Thanks for the details. Helps me to think through your experience and how it could relate to what I hear with my gear. 
Thiel Owners
@duramax or anyone elseI am intrigued by the idea of outriggers for my CS5i's.  What I do not understand is, with a nearly 200 pound speaker, how can one expect the outriggers to sound superior to the original Thiel spikes?This is not intended to ... 
Thiel Owners
@sdl4The sound of the Vovox Sonorus was markedly different! Hi Sdl4, could you share the details of your system - DAC, preamp, amp, etc.?I apologize if I missed it in an earlier post. jafant has done a great job with this thread and I do not alw... 
Ever Been Too High?
Delta 8 in non-free states? 
How important is the pre-amp?
@larsmanWhen I added a Herron Audio tube pre-amp to my system, it was an immense change, and all for the better. I have been thinking about a Herron preamp. Why is better than what you had? What did you have before? What's the rest of your system... 
Are most tube preamps ‘ultra linear’?
...the ultra-linear’ power doubles. no change in volume when you change back and forth, just a discernible different sound...If you are learning about tubes, this is not remedial. Throw in 4 and 8 ohms taps and I am really lost! :-) 
Help with a Passive Preamp
I have an Axiom II with Walker mods and use it occasionally.  I like the clear presentation that it makes, which reminds me of how I think Audio Research preamps sound to me.But after a while I find it a bit fatiguing in my system. I reinsert my C... 
Fidelity vs. Musicality...........Is there a tug of War?
FWIW.Prat, beat, rhythm, foot tapping or whatever to want to call it. If that is not present, it is not musical for me.After that, as I journey on, I am finding that detail adds to this and makes things even more musical.Thanks for listening,Dsper 
Need help buying new speaker cable
FWIWIf you have only heard Tara cables, before replacing them or paying for their repair, try some 12 or 14 gauge "lamp cord".While it might not be a popular suggestion on this thread, you might be surprised.Thanks for listening,Dsper 
Thiel Owners
Sorry about coming in from left field; back on July 23, I wrote: Stager Silver Solids. Quote from Marc Stager:"...it is not how a cable makes music sound great. It's about how it allows music to sound great by not hindering its transmission in an...