Disconnect or power off the circuit breaker

Have you noticed that when you" disconnect" or "power off" the circuit breaker of your audio stereo system (for about 2 hours) , the sound is better after restore or reconnect electricity power ? Looks like it makes a kind of reset . Do you experiment such effects. Do you have any explanations ?
The only time I disconnect my system from the AC is during lightening storms.  I don't notice any improvement after reconnecting. 
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I’ve noticed a couple of different directions gear can take.

What the OP has described is I think what I’ve heard called "splashy." Extra cymbals, air and generally anything a Foley artist can do with a thunder machine. My Luxman’s are exibiting some of that during their first 100 hours. That is, the extra splash is disappearing. It’s something speaker makers know from listening to caps break in. They get less exuberant after a few hours.

On the other hand, I’ve heard the Audio Research 75 Watt tube integrated start off sweet, then get very hard, then finally mellow again, all within 45 minutes.

My Class D amps however are really hard and lifeless unless they have been on for 48 hours in a row.


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