Halo JC1 lacks on-off breaker on rear panel

Question to Mr Crump - is it OK to turn the JC1 on/off daily, depending on listen or not listen? Does such a way of using could be harmful in any way for JC1�s status (in terms of, say, durability or stability of certain parts/circuits)? You Mr Crump keep your own JC1s �on� all the time. What is the purpose? Shortened warm-up period only, or maybe something else - for instance, preserving durability of inner circuits via avoiding so-called �cold start� occurence too frequently?

Stand-by option not being provided with JC1, unlike many similar big powerful amps such as Krell, Pass or many others, which are supplied with power-on breakers on rear panel (JC1 has not such breaker), supposed to be switched �on� all the time, except in cases of longer inactivity. Does it mean that JC1 is somehow �more resistant� to neccessity being �stand-by� while not �on�, compared to other heavyweights?

Generally speaking, what�s the reason for keeping power amps �stand by� while not �on�? Most manufacturers strogly recommend that in owner manuals (mentioned Krell and Pass Labs). Of course, we all know stand-by position keeps circuits ready for quick turning into amp�s full potential, shorting warming-up to only half an hour or so. But, I would consider that like minor benefit, IMHO.

My major dilema is, actually, does �stand-up� instead �off� contributes longevity/stability/lifespan of amplifier? Vice versa - does �off� after �on� affects negatively some of amplifier�s parts/circuits??? Highly appreciate comments, due to frequent power failurs in my place.

Zoran, Macedonia
This is just general input.---How hot is the surface when the amps are left on/full time??--How often do you listen?? Many amps don't sound nearly as good for the first 18 hrs.or. If you only turn them on for 4/6 hrs;you haven't really heard how good they can sound. This holds for many ss amps. You might try both ways.Keep them on for 24 and listen--then turn them on 2/4 hrs ahead of time and then listen.---Therein will be your answer.
I would leave them on all the time but switch them to low bias (toggle on rear panel) when not listening. They just get warm, not hot, in low bias.
I remember a member here saying how he narrowly missed disaster with his JC1's after he had left them on and they had started to overload his wiring or something and nearly caught fire. He had left the house and came back to find an acrid smell and a kicked circuit breaker. Whether you leave any equipment on full time or not, make certain that the wiring is large enough to handle the load and is protected with the proper size breaker.