By-pass fuse and add a circuit breaker

I own a pair of ML 33H (230V model).
They use 2x 20A fuses each in the mains section.

I am wondering if it be safe to by-pass the fuses with a copper bar and then add a circuit breaker of 20A on the mains line of each amplifiers?

Will I get the same level of safety and protection against fire and damage to the unit, should the worse occur?

And, will I get some sonic benefit?

See this thread. I think you'll conclude it's not a good idea.

-- Al
As Al says, no, not a good idea, but one i'm sure many have had. Circuit breakers in my experience, in the uk, degrade the sound quality far more than a fuse.
The other problem with circuit breakers is they can be slow to trip. Generally, when overloaded, fuses will open sooner.
You convinced me.

Will stick with fuses.
Best gear I have ever heard do not use fuses period. They implement costly, not cheap, circuit breakers.

I respectfully disagree with the over generalized posts here. Yes, it can be done and it will yield sonic improvement. Al, I really respect you and always find your posts helpful. In this one case my personal experience has proven it can be done with great results. Very safely and properly.

Not sure the poster can do it, but some expert at it have done so to great effect.