DBX SF-150s, should I grab these?

Have the opportunity to pick up a pair of these for $25, they were originally $2,000 speakers back in the 90's. Has anyone heard them and what can you say about them? Wondering if it's worth me grabbing them or I should move on.

Photos and description of the item show the speakers in very good condition, the surrounds are good and there are no issues.
Thanks, appreciate any advice.

DBX is a company from Newton, MA.

Well they are going for over $100 on eBay so worst case you should have no problem getting your $25 back. Never heard em. Just looking at the design though I would pass. They have drivers firing off at an angle left and right. Great if you want a diffuse unable to localize sound field I guess. Awful if you want anything resembling imaging.
go ahead ,$25 is not a big money
$25, and you have to ask? Probably a worthwhile investment. Sure, go for it!
It’s not so much the cost, it’s the space, they are huge and if they suck I don’t want them. I don’t have a lot of room in my place.
Are you asking our permission to spend $25  ???????
Please see my reply above. It’s about the space 
I still use my wonderful DBX-SF100's every day. They were designed to create a very wide stereo image for home theater use. They do a great job of it. Sit off center, either side, you hear both channels well, and the center comes from the center. Left speaker faces right side more directly, so right person hears it well. Right faces left more. However, you are closer to the left, they closer to the right, so it makes a wide stable stereo image. Additional tweeters on two other sides disperse/reflect the highs everywhere, like the old Bose 901's do.

If you have an application where you want several people to listen together, hearing the center dialog, and the helicopter from the left, guns from the right, these puppies do it. They are terrific.

I would ask seller to remove the grille, and send phohtos of the cones/surrounds to make sure they are not dried out, cracked, ...
While I did like the sound of them, no-one knows anything about DBX and these were a bear to get rid off. Ended up just breaking even minus the gas to go and get them. They were way too big for my space.

If you had a large room such as a finished basement where you could set these up properly they would have been a steal at $25.