Dave Brubeck...RIP

Died this morning(Wed, 5 DEC 2012), at age 91. It was through his music(specifically; 'Take Five', in 1959) that I became a lover of the Jazz genre. 'Take Five' and 'Time Further Out' are still my two all time favorite Jazz vinyls.
Wow! at great artist and his music and life will be remembered. A great loss.
I saw him at 89 at the Montreal Jazz fest, my wife was pregnant and 1week overdue with my first son at the time. Sad, sad news, we have lost one of the greats!!!
I saw this early this morning. It's sad for us, but he lived a long and wonderful life and he will continue to bring joy to jazz affectionados for generations to come. I have seen Dave play maybe ten times, from the 1970s until just a couple of years ago. He was just as enjoyable recently as he was when I was 18. Thanks for the music!
R.I.P Dave. You won't be forgot.
I meant, 'Time Out' & 'Time Further Out', but- you probabaly already knew that. BTW: This is an excellent reissue of 'Time Further Out': ( http://www.elusivedisc.com/DAVE-BRUBECK-TIME-FURTHER-OUT-MIRO-REFLECTIONS-180g-LP/productinfo/IMXLP6002/ ) No compression/great mix/no surface noise 'Unsquare Dance' & 'Far More Drums' will really test your system's bottom end.
One of the best. His music is as fresh as when it was recorded!
One of the most fantastic musicians in the history of jazz.

Rest in peace...
I agree Rodman. And although most of the public wouldn't know him or his long time friend Paul by name they have certainly enjoyed their music sometime. I started buying his albums back in the late 60's as I began to collect. I still have those old 'eye's' records, and many more modern as well. A toast to the enjoyment he provided-Cheers!
Hi Mr P- It's funny; one of the guys at work was named
Desmond. The first time he told me that; I asked if he was
named after Paul Desmond or Desmond Tutu. He's black and
still not certain, since his parents are dead(made him
wonder). I wish more of the pressing now days, were as good
as my old Columbia(eyes), 'Time Out.' I'd be buying a whole
lot more vinyl, if they were.
I don't think Desmond is an uncommon name in certain places.

Ever hear "Desmond has a barrow in the market place...?"

Or "The Israelites" by Desmond Decker and the Aces?
What a legacy he left behind, R.I.P.